FOUND – Disney MUSHABLES Microbead PILLOW EEYORE & FRIEND — 8 Comments

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    My lil one lost her Pooh one last year and it took me FOREVER to find one and when I did I paid almost $80 bucks for another one! (worth every penny to reunite them:)

    This seller must have just listed this one (Pooh), as they don't last long – so Good Luck!! It's the only one I have seen in quite some time.

    Ebay #150371669018

  2. UGH… I see this microbead pooh bear and his friends often but always leave them behind.

    So for those of you who are seasoned, does the learning curve ever end??

    I even always have my phone with internet access with me. Somtimes I'm too lazy to pull it out and use it *sigh* 🙂

  3. 090809-4
    would your 18m like this mushable eeyore? not the exact same, but has microbeads
    ebay 310161208977

  4. Thanks so much for the advice. Tami … I got your post for item 390091666867 after I found another one on Ebay and paid $15.00 more for it .. ugh. Thanks everyone for your help!!!

  5. Post Code #090809-4

    OP did you find the Eeyore + the 2nd one you were looking for? Just checking to see if we needed to keep looking??

  6. She has one bought, but I don't ever change a post to FOUND until it arrives in good condition. Too many deals fall through for one reason or another.


  7. I am Looking for a piglet in this same collection. If you have any website or email where I can purchase one that would be great! Thanks