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FOUND – Brentwood Originals MOSHI Microbeads PINK & WHITE PIG — 12 Comments

  1. Post Code #090809-5

    Here's one on Ebay #360177249678. It looks the same except for the eyelashes, but you could probably just add those with a permanent marker if you wanted. Hope this helps:)

  2. I just purchased the last item posted. Hopefully it will arrive soon and I can hide it until it is needed. The original piggy is hanging in there and still greatly loved.


  3. Tami,

    Thanks for your post. Our new Piggy Girl arrived this week. She is currently residing in the closet awaiting her time to replace the much loved Piggy i=Girl.

    Thanks for your help.


  4. Hi! I have one in my listings on Ebay incase you ever need another.

    My ebay name is”a*blessed*child

    ebay # is 140398685471

    glad you could find one!

  5. Karen,

    Thank you for your post. The pig you have for sale is not exactly like the one we have, but it is close. I am thinking about how much we need a second back up.



  6. I bought a back up as previously indicated. However she still prefers the beat up Piggy Girl. The back up resides at my moms house for those overnights when we forget to pack Piggy Girl.

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