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FOUND – Carter’s Just One Year BLOND MY FIRST DOLL Wearing PINK DRESS with GREEN FLOWER — 11 Comments

  1. 091209-3

    I have one of these, but have not had a chance to post it in my store yet. If you still need it, please contact me at –
    goodnightsanddaydreams at yahoo dot com

    I'm asking $20 for her (plus shipping), which is about 1/2 of what you would pay on eBay. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. thank you both so much. i did look at the ebay page and i think it's just absurd that someone would charge that much money for, what… let's be truthful about it – it's just a simple cheap doll – i bought it for $6. anyway, sara, i'll write you an email.

  3. True, it only cost $6 new, but it is no longer made which makes it more valuable – just like any other item.

  4. sure. it is definitely worth more than $6 – possibly even double, but we're not talking about vintage (30yrs) or antique (100yrs) here. we're talking about a little crappy doll from last year, used, being sold for $39.

  5. I happen to agree with you, Itta…this $50 (arbitrary amount – have seen things MUCH HIGHER!) for a stuffie/lovey that while it may be old (you know, a couple of years mostly!) is only wanted by a SMALL CHILD for the most part!

    This "supply/demand" thing has been taken WAY TO FAR by some of the sellers on ebay!

    I find this service AMAZING…and "Rosemary", I think you are a truly phenomenal person for doing this for frantic parents (for the most part I am assuming) or those who need to be reminded of a childhood memory.

    But those who have these items, and find that "frantic parent" looking for an item they have, and then charging an astronomical amount "because you can" is something I just cannot comprehend!

    I have been searching for stuffies for myself – I am a 40 year old woman who sleeps with large frogs (and now dogs with the proper shape and other things!) because I have severe chronic pain and fatigue (among other things) and it's very difficult for me to get comfortable. I use the large head and the arms and legs to tuck under my neck and chin and then wrap my arms around the rest.

    So I have been searcing ebay for a lot of things…and have come across some CRAZY things!

  6. SHOOT! I am sorry…I meant to post two of these that I found on Ebay…though I hate to post them, as I am afraid that one of these sellers will buy it instead and then raise the price sky high! Yes, I have seen this happen…I have PROOF!

    Anyway, here it is…if you are still looking, good luck!

    320441004317 – right now, only $5.50 but still 4 days!

    350267298520 – this one is $25, BIN or Offer (you can consider making what you consider to be a reasonable one!) with not-over-priced shipping!

    Rosemary – I am very sorry if you found that my previous comment was rude and out of line. You may of course delete it if you feel that it should be. I just think again, that your service here is amazing…and I hate to see people taken advantage of! HECK, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if ebay sellers watch your blog and if they have an item, raise the price on it!

    I get people need to make money…but at what cost? It seems that our value and moral system is so out of wack these days 🙁 And that people will say anything to justify their actions! While to the "frantic parent or child" it may seem to be a priceless item…but it really isn't.

    Just think that needs to be kept that in mind 🙂

  7. I didn't delete your comment, because it was an honest vent. I will say, however, that we have several eBay sellers among our Fabulous Finders who go out of their way to help people who are searching. Just don't paint all eBay sellers with the same brush, is all I'm saying. What is a fair price to some may seem outrageous to someone else. I'm sure people feel the same way about some of our catalog prices.

  8. POST CODE #091209-3
    i do not know if you found your doll or given up but here are a few to try if interested. There are others but these appear to be the cheapest

    ebay #320754840050
    ebay #390305664168 make offer 2 available
    ebay #160642302414 Do not know if blond is still available? If it is appears to have 3 it is a select a style.

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