FOUND – Fisher Price RAIN FOREST MONKEY with GREEN BLANKIE — 21 Comments

  1. 092009-1
    ebay Item number: 130331337373
    on top of a $50 diaper cake. Asking the seller if they have any extras or would sell the monkey seperate.

  2. Thank you so much. I have a feeling that I will be in a bidding war with someone as there is already a bid on it! Wish me luck. Thank you for your help!

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    item #:130332842142
    the bid is a little high but I know how it is I used to have a baby blacket that the dog got a hold of as well.

  4. Hi Joy,

    My son has the same Fisher Price green blankie with the Rainforest brown monkey in the middle. It's starting to fray and I'm desperately seeking another one. I was curious if you had any other luck finding that monkey security blanket in addition to ebay? I search ebay regularly, but have not found the same lovey blanket.

    Thanks so much. My email is
    danamarloweAThotmailDOTcom and I hope you have a great day!

    Best regards,

  5. POST CODE #092009-1

    If either of you are still looking?

    Ebay # 170657097644

    Feel free to give us an update on search progress.

  6. Yes I am still looking. I have been outbid on a few of them in the last few seconds. Thank you for continuing your search!

  7. Have you tried calling Fisher Price I have called them and gave them a product number before and sometimes the still have it is stock. I had to do that with a piece for a baby swing and a net for a basket ball goal.

    Post Code #

  8. Thanks, 20574! I realized we had several asking for help finding it who never sent me a story, so I made a mailing list and notified them all.

  9. POST CODE #092009-1

    ebay #320901433675
    ebay #370593331723
    ebay #160792985321

  10. hello, this was my little brother’s favorite toy and he recently lost it at the Dollar store – he is 2 and we are desperately seeking another one! if anyone knows where we can find one….
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