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FOUND – 1977 GUND WHITE LAMB Peach Face — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks so much Tami. You led me to the exact item that I was looking for. I have purchased that lamb. Renee

  2. Post Code #121307-2

    If you are still looking?
    Ebay #360258288999 condition excellent.

    Keep us posted on your search progress.

  3. Yes I am still interested, however, not in this particular lamb, as it shows considerable wear. Thank you for notifying me!
    Post Code #121307-2

  4. Ebay Item number 360343617660 is this him? And she also has this one 360345028350.

  5. Hi Renee,
    I am the owner and seller of this Ebay item 360258288999. As listed it is in Excellent Condition, not sure why you would think otherwise. Maybe the pic is misleading, but for 1977 yes the lamb in in awesome shape.
    Good Luck:)

  6. PS. As you may know the lamb in the above pic has been brushed out. Mine is in the same shape as it came in 1977 with the wool staples (clusters)tight. If the item did in fact show “Considerable Wear” that info would be in the listing and not the words Excellent Condition. That in Ebay standards would be begging for a negative feedback. I also offer a Full Refund Policy.

  7. Post Code #121307-2

    Thank you to Rosemary and to every one who contacted me about the Lamb. Thanks to all you wonderful people, I now have 3 lambs in great shape.
    This is a wonderful and indispensable site!!!

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