FOUND – 2004 IKEA ORANGE PILLOW with PIG? DOG? FACE — 11 Comments

  1. I have this IKEA pillow, I will post tomorrow morning when pic's are taken and the listing is active 🙂

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    I don't think so, Peggy. It's a pillow with a face on it, not a stuffed animal. This may be the animal they used to get the face, though. What he thought were ears could be the arms.

    I'll pass the link along, just in case.

  3. How about 350254066303 Boobah cuddle pillow-

    Other Ugly Doll- some 8" and some 14" searched orange plush-

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    No, that's not it either. Daddy says the child's painting is remarkably accurate, so it's a pillow with a face on it.

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    Did you ever find out where you could purchase the orange plush pillow? The drawing is exactly accurate. Our son had one. I always thought it was an orange dog with floppy ears. The only thing it had as far as facial features were the eyes. Please let me know if you found out where to get one. We kept sewing and re-sewing ours. The stuffing all came out and now I can’t find where I put the empty plush outer lining. If you’ve found out where to purchase, please email me at danni.bloom@gmail.com

  6. Ugly plushed stuffed…. searched gets lots of animals- maybe stick in pillow!

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    ebay #120791006569
    IKEA Small Round Orange BABY CAT Kitten Plush

    Do not know that his is it but may have been similar.

  8. I had one of these as a kid and lost it and am looking as well. I know exactly what you’re talking about and the picture is spot on. If you find it I’d love to know how to get my hands on one
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