Searching – SMALL BROWN BEAR with CREAM MUZZLE & EARS — 4 Comments

  1. Is it possibly a Dan Dee? I have seen some Dan Dee bears in a honey shade recently that look alot like this one.

  2. Possible.. I don't think I've seen the ones you mentioned, but I will do some checking in that direction. Thank you much!

  3. ebay Item number: 360206490500

    Item number: 290362195674

    Have a look at the faces of these bears. I know not the same bear. But trying to find the brand of yours. Was nose string? Looks like gund nose to me, but markings and color similiar to Prestige bear.
    Did your bear come with any ribbon? or rattle?

  4. Yes, the nose was string…I've noticed the similarity to Gund bears that way. And the mouth on that first item (the 73 Gund) also looks similar. My bear also had two-tone eyes…black with a brown outer ring(like the second item). I don't know if that would make it more likely to be any brand, but it does make me think it wasn't *that* old.

    The bear didn't come with anything else, but it did come secondhand so it's possible…I noticed no areas where it seemed like something used to be there.


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