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Searching – 80s GUND BROWN BEAR with K-3 on the TAG — 44 Comments

  1. Tami, I wish it was that easy! Unfortunately, that is not the correct bear. I have seen that one on eBay before. Thank you for searching and let me know if you find anything else. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi Tim, how tall is the bear you are looking for? May help in the search. πŸ™‚ Thanks

  3. He is around 15″ tall. Will pay lots of money for whoever sells me this bear! Thank you.

  4. Hi Tim – Ebay Item No. 310229176396 maybe not quite the colour but the closest I have seen to your bear. πŸ™‚

    POST CODE #120909-5

  5. Brenda, thank you for searching. I have seen these before and although close, they are not the same bear πŸ™

  6. I’m still looking lol – Ebay Item No. 110598584227 -what about this guy – could he be close enough?

  7. Thank you for continuing to look. Unfortunately, that is not the bear. This bear is extremely hard to find!

  8. Yes, very hard to find… thought that one was the wrong colour but maybe the same bear. Perhaps a fuller description might help. Does he have a black nose and black eyes (as appears in the photo)? Are his feet pads leather? Anything else you can think of that may help? Thanks πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you for continuing to look!

  10. are you sure he isn’t a DAKIN? I have a teddy very similar to this one which I got as a baby and He was made by Dakin. When I saw this picture, I thought it looked closest to my teddy as I have ever seen. I have been looking for a new teddy as well but he is dakin and not gund.

  11. POST CODE #120909-5

    Does anyone know what the K-3 code means? Appears that they had K-1 through at least K-7. Seems trivial but might help as many are being referenced with this info. Will keep at it.

  12. Carrie – I am guessing the ‘K’ may stand for KOREA? Not sure what the ‘3’ means but going by how hard it is to find probably means how many were made … just joking, of course! πŸ™‚

    POST CODE #120909-5

    POST CODE #120909-5

  13. I check eBay regularly… I wouldn’t miss it if it appeared on eBay.

    That is the bear that everyone mistakes for the actual bear.

    Wish it were that easy! Been looking for years.

    Thank you to everyone for continuing to search!

  14. Hi again Tim, yes it is very close I have made the same mistake. πŸ™‚ Just to clarify the differences are the eyes and nose colour; and perhaps the fur colour is a shade different (or not?) is that all or are there other differences that I can’t see?

  15. The bear is not jointed. Another words the arms and legs just hang with no joints. Also, the fur is not the same. Maybe a bigger picture can be posted to show the bear fur better. If you look at the two bears next to one another you will see they are not a match. Thank you!

  16. There one on eBay right now – 230735541317. I also have one but would never ever sell her. Good luck!

  17. Are you still looking for the bear? I have a Gund collector’s classic brown bear that is walking on its feet if you want me to send you a picture?

  18. Kathy, although it is a SIMILAR bear it unfortunately is not the same ELUSIVE bear.

    Thank you.

  19. Tim- I may have the bear. I can send you pictures if you like. The only problem is the used condition of my bear. The leather pads are badly torn and the leather on the nose has come off. It’s still in great condition other than that. Please let me know if you want pictures. My tag says Gund 1981 k-3 my email is neatogal@hotmail.com
    Post Code #10505

  20. Ted have you found a bearspot yet? I have the exact bear and have had for as long as i can remember and i was just looking up to see how much he could be worth. He is in great condition aside from all the feet just have the fabric on them but he is still in excellent condition. Let me know if ur still on the search for one.
    Post Code #10505

  21. Blaine, no I have not found it yet! What is your email so you can send pictures? A lot of people only have similar bears
    Post Code #10505

  22. My email is blainebug2013@yahoo.com. Just email me and ill send u the pictures of him. Im certain that he is the same exact bear. Dont send me a pic of yours till after i send mine just so youll be sure that its the right bear
    Post Code #10505

  23. Blaine, thank you for sending the pictures but unfortunately it is not the same bear as shown in the picture above.
    Post Code #10505

  24. I own this bear and have been looking for information on it for a long time. Gund. Bearfeat (on the tag). 1981. Item # 2149. Date 1981. K-3 also on tag.
    He has a wee spot on his nose… thanks to pet chinchilla, lol.
    I bought him new and have owned him since… as well as a few other beautiful teddies.
    Please contact me if you are still looking.
    Smiles πŸ™‚
    Post Code #10505

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