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Searching – Pull String 70s RUFUS TALKING LION and I’ll Be Yours for Life — 12 Comments

  1. my niece owned rufus also. as far as i know he had no pull string though. he was available around 1971-1972 timeframe at montgomery wards. he came in several sizes to include a huge floor display model that stood from the floor to the ceiling. i also believe he was featured in their christmas catalog but am not 100% sure on that one. he did have a mane that was sort of brownish/yellow and kind of a synthetic material. i was 11 – 12 years old at the time.

  2. charlotte i found a picture and catalogue with rufus. it is the 1972 montgomery ward christmas catalogue. it has the Rufus family on the cover. it is available on ebay until 12/13/2009. it ends @ 20:18:06 PST. it is being sold by dolbia. i have the picture in my ebay if you can not get to it. i gave the host website my email if you need to contact me. i have also been looking for this plush as my neice still has hers but he has been ruffed up a bit. i can probably forward pictures if you need them. also i continually am on the lookout for one also and if i find one i will contact these guys to let you know. good luck and i hope this gets to you soon enough. when the winner gets his catalogue you may try obtainig a picture of the cover and the inside picture as well. these little guys were available in several sizes as i remember it. i still can see the largest in my mind. he stood from floor to ceiling in the store and was wired to the ceiling. it is one of the most vivd memories of any toy disply i have. it was truly amazing.

  3. i found another catalogue on ebay. it is #120499294960. it has a better pictue. i have it in my ebay also. 120209-7

  4. I have a Rufus the Lion. He is my oldest childhood memory of Christmas. I would like to know how much Rufus is worth because he’s already priceless to me.

  5. Wow! I can’t believe I found my lion’s true name…Rufus. My father bought this lion for me when I was 4. We were not a wealthy family so spending the extra money on a plush lion during the Christmas Season was a big deal. It was my first stuffed animal ever. I loved him so much as a kid that after 2 years of company I stuffed him into a homemade stuffed bag. Two years ago, I rediscovered Rufus in my grandmother’s closet. He is in perfect condition in the same bag I put him in. Amazing!

  6. You’re welcome. If you look at the pictures on EBAY – it doesn’t look like that Rufus talks. No pull string. It also looks like from the Montgomery Ward ad above, that they made Rufus in different sizes. I guess the little one’s don’t talk??….

  7. Please, please notify me if anyone ever sees a Rufus Lion for sale anywhere….My daughter lost hers in a house fire in 1980….All she has is a picture of her all time favorite toy….
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  8. Too funny, I have this lion. I have had him since I was a small child. Someone burnt out one of his eyes with a cigerette for some strange reason, but I kept him all these years. He stays on my dresser.
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