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  1. I am also looking for this Eden plush lion that plays you are my sunshine. I have been looking for years. I would pay top dollar to have this only childhood toy I ever really loved back. I could have one made but it wouldn’t be the same. Please help me find him!

  2. POST CODE #121809-2

    Not sure if this is the lion or a similar year variation of the lion? Does not appear to have a yarn mane.
    ebay #380411746629 HTF Vintage EDEN LION plays YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Musical Wind-up 1970’s PLUSH

  3. POST CODE: 121809-2

    Hi There,

    I have been searching for the very same lion described by Barbara for about 15 years, since realizing that my mother, too, had inadvertently given or thrown away the toy to which I was SO strongly connected. I asked for Rosemary’s help a few years ago when my Goddaughter Ramona was born, so I could give it to her as a very special gift.

    I just received Rosemary’s email, including the ebay listing Carrie was kind enough to share. Unfortunately, I do not think this is the lion we search for. In fact, the pictures on this listing honestly don’t seem like they depict anything from earlier than, say, 1985….and that’s being generous.

    As I explained in my reply to Rosmary’s email, I am contacting the eBay seller to ask a few questions to help me make a decision. Chances are, though, that if it’s not even a similar toy (let alone a duplicate, which I find VERY unlikely), I will not pursue the purchase.

    Thanks, all, for reading! I just wanted to update everyone and add my name to the list of gen-x-ers (I’m 36, born 1975) whos earliest and most eternally happy memories include that Eden Lion whose head turned while it played “You Are My Sunshine.”

    Thanks again,

  4. Hi,

    If you go to youtube and search for “Fju2VuDamSQ”, is that the Lion you are looking for? This was my Lion I had when I was little. It was my favorite toy too.

  5. I too & still looking for this lion! That YouTube made me instantly cry! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  6. Post code: 121809-2

    Just saw the youtube vid and OMG THAT’S IT!!!! I wonder if the lion’s head ever moved (side to side as the song played when wound up, which I don’t remember but my mom seems to think mine did back in the 70s) on the one in the youtube video, and at some point just the moving mechanism broke but it was still able to play the song…

    Anyway, thanks so much Nick, even just seeing it again made me all sentimental and gooey, lol. I’d still do anything to find one I could buy…


  7. Here’s another listing; again, it does not have a yarn mane, but still plays the music. It seems that there were a few different variants of this toy.

    Ebay Item Number: 360630104162

  8. POST CODE: 121809-2

    Just figured out the one I had was (almost) definitely the one in the youtube vid. Can’t remember whether or not its head moved but – at least between the ebay one, the one pictured at the top of this thread, and the youtube vid, that youtube one looks just like my old, long lost, first toy ever. Memories…

  9. I have been looking for this lion for awhile now…the one my grandmother gave me was sold in a family garage sale. Does anyone have a link…and hope of getting one???
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  10. I have been searching for years for this lion. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.
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  11. I have one of these and am planning to sell it on ebay this week. If you’re interested ahead of time, please send an email!
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  12. I’ve been looking for this for my husband, it was a cherished childhood toy of his. I’d appreciate any info on where I could find one!
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