1. POST CODE #121809-4

    This is smaller but similar carters classics.

    Ebay # 130315376354

    As you know it is easier if we can identify who made the bear. Hope this gives us a lead!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe you folks are still on the hunt! Thank you so much! The one on eBay is very similar. It will not work though as it has The pink on the ears and the paws. If I ever do find the replacement it will have to be the same, because my son only wants “his” bear….you know how that goes! Although he’s 2 years older now, he still talks about how he misses his yellow bear! I really do appreciate your efforts!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh ! I cant believe it! Yes it is it!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I sent the seller an email and asked if we could work on the price. It shows the tag and it was from toys r us. How can I ever thank you guys?????

  4. Cool. I’m so glad that it was the one. It looked like it to me but I wasn’t sure about the size.

    I hope you are able to get it. At any rate now you know that it is an Animal Alley brand.

    Take Care, Susie

  5. POST CODE #121809-4

    Hope you are successful in getting the bear. Glad we could help! Appears to also be on ebay with the same seller.
    Ebay #320707166963 Keep us posted. Best Wishes!

  6. Hello all you fabulous finders! I just wanted to let you know that I was able to purchase the lost bear from the Bonanza website today! She is shipping it this afternoon! I am so very grateful to you all! I was just absolutely amazed a few days ago to get an email from you folks after almost 2 years of posting my original search! After I posted my search, two years ago in early December, and after I never heard anything, bought my son a replacement yellow bear. A Gund. Now, that one is adorable, and he Loves it, he still talks about his original bear. On Christmas morning, when he opened the new bear, he was happy! But then he started crying! We were like, “whats wrong buddy”…and he said he just missed his original bear! I cant wait to give him this on his birthday on December 11th! I will send you all a picture! Will this thread still be online?

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