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FOUND – 80’s? Knickerbocker GRAY SPIDER Canvas GLOVE PUPPET — 18 Comments

  1. I think I know which one you are looking for. Did you find one yet? I have a brown spider (where your hand goes) and the glove on top of the spider is white. My daughter still loves it so I can’t give it up yet, but I can take a picture for you so you can post it again.

  2. becky, if you can take a picture, i’d appreciate it. Can you tell me who makes it? thank you!

  3. oh gosh….I’m so sorry I forgot to take a picture of the spider glove. I’ll do that right now and send it to you asap.


  4. Thanks, Sarah. But when I mark a post as discontinued it means I don’t have a valid email address any more, or they are no longer looking.

  5. Oh sorry, just remembered seeing it a while ago and finally ran across the listing for one.
    Didn’t pay attention to the “Discontinued” in the title.

  6. I am looking for one of these as well. A friend had one when he was a kid and I want to get him one. I don’t want to pay a fortune, but I’d like to think I’ll pay more than the previous person as I’m really interested in getting one.

  7. Too bad that previous person’s email does not work. If it was real I was prepared to make him/her a better offer than what they wanted.

  8. We get emails all the time from people wanting help, etc., who give us incorrect addresses. Maybe Billy will see your comment and reply.

  9. Hey! I’m in contact with the seller now. Email worked the second time. I made the person a fair offer over what they wanted and I can’t thank them enough and this website.

  10. I just came back to say that seller was great. I can’t vouch for all her transactions, obviously, but with me she was awesome.

    I told her I’d make her a reasonable offer I wanted the item so bad for a friend. She promptly sent me pictures. The following day we did the transaction through a popular auction website. She must have had the item ready to go for me because a tracking number came quick and I just received my item today.

    Most expensive hand warmer I ever bought! It’s like the Hamburger Helper guy caught a spider.

    Awesome transaction from Nancy.

  11. POST CODE #122809-2

    ebay #370774647159 2 available advertised as new in box but description matches. Good luck!

  12. Amazing find.. two brand new in a box. Holy crap is the box in good condition. People save the weirdest things. He still has one for sale.

  13. Hi, This is Darlene, I was looking for Hairy, and I did find one!! Thank you for all your help!!

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