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Searching – Target Circo BLACK and WHITE CAT — 15 Comments

  1. 02022010
    I think it is cuddlezone.
    not the black and white one, but check the pic to confirm. thanks. How big is the cat you are looking for?\

    Item number: 150386894864

  2. The eBay one is close but not quite it. I bought a black & white one a few weeks back & it was a lot smaller & my daughter wasn't interested at all.
    Thank you looking I really appreciate it!

  3. OMG. My daughter is having the same issue, except the cat in your picture IS the cat that got ruined. I have been all over the internet looking for this kitty 🙁

  4. Have you had any luck at all in finding your kitty? The one in the picture is EXACLTY the one I’m looking for! My son takes his cat with him EVERYWHERE. I wish I had bought many of them. Dang.

  5. POST CODE #020210-1

    Looking for the same cat but the orange/black/white version. My son had 2 (original plus back up) that he left at a friend’s house on vacation. They were mailed back to us but apparently got lost 🙁

  6. Be sure that if I find any other of these cats I’ll post the link to them. I’m still hoping to find the orange one myself.

    I’ll keep my eyes open for the multi-colored one (black/orange/white) for your son, Holly!

  7. POST CODE #020210-1

    I found the orange/black/white one on ebay:


    I also found the orange/white one:


  8. I am looking for exact same cat in grey and white. I bought it for my son who has autism and he sleeps with it every night. we had lost this cat and I can’t find it. He looks for it every night. Please let me know if anyone has it. I am willing to buy in any condition, new or used.
    Post Code #10647

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