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Searching – 2008 Target 6 inch PINK SEATED PIG — 8 Comments

  1. Does your daughter get cravings for Bacon??
    was the pig all pink? or did it have different color ears or stomach or hooves. Was it a rattle? was it in sitting position. Feet hooved or rounded? did it have a bow or ribbon?
    Here are a few on ebay I would like you to look at.
    Item number: 390083486749

    this is too big, but is face the same ebay Item number: 400102036021
    Item number: 350307264515
    IteItem number: 290171293884 m number: 400033472508

    Item number: 320481155306

  2. Hey I have something similar, if not, identical. Its a 6" pig that came with a big momma pig from target right? And its head is turned to the left? I'll upload a picture once my camera is done charging.

  3. Thank you all, but the pig´s head is not turned to the left nor did it come with a momma pig, it was sold by itself. It was all the same pink, it was sitting, the bottom feet had a circle bottom but the arms did not. It was not a rattle. Thank you for all your help, hopefully I can find one soon.

  4. POST CODE #020910-7

    Are either of these the pig or similar?

    Ebay #330589965938

    Ebay #360386904906

  5. POST CODE #020910-7

    Here is another options.
    ebay # 270797672619 NWT Cuddle Zone Target Pink Stuffed Plush Toy Pig New
    Let us know what you can so we can help.

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