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Searching – Claw Machine Sugar Loaf Type LARGE GREEN TURTLE — 10 Comments

  1. Go back to the claw machine, find the service number, and ask if they still have the turtle. At the very least, you can see which brand of toys they carry.

  2. #022710-5

    Knowing the brand probably wouldn’t let you buy it from the wholesaler, but it increases the odds that one of our Finders can locate it in good used condition.

  3. the only phone number on the machine is for service and repair.. do you think that number would work?

    I remember trying to do this once with a to my wife saw in a different machine. We could see the brand of the toy, so I tried to look it up when we got home, and they only sold it in bulk to distributors, bot individually =[

    anyway ty for your comment. i’ll try that soon

  4. Try calling the number. Alot of those machines are individually owned and the owner may just happen to have a turtle. Its worth a try.

  5. he turtle is from 2007coinstar sugarloaf sea turtle i have one POST CODE #022710-5

  6. is it the same turtle as in pic above if so mine is dif,sorry mine looks more like sea turtle POST CODE #022710-5

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