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FOUND – 2008 Walmart PINK MY FIRST EASTER Polka Dot RABBIT with HOOD — 22 Comments

  1. Post code 12736

    ebay has several. Here is the cheapest pink one listed

    cheapest with blue hood

  2. Post Code #12736

    Walmart Pink My First Easter Bunny w/Hood

    eBay Item #290403348991

  3. Post Code #12736

    Rosemary, you said you have a mailing list for all colors of this particular bunny. Not sure how to contact you directly, so will post a list of the ones I found on eBay for each color.

    WHITE M.F.EASTER BUNNY/HOOD: #290362551928, #330413775600,300403017634

    BLUE M.F.Easter Bunny/Hood: #330405422648, #370349367544, #150418135377

    PINK M.F.Easter Bunny/Hood: #290403348991, #120531958868, #120542585398

    AQUA M.F.Easter Bunny/Hood: #400108634911, #330408455321, #290379867960

    There are probably a few more, but I just looked for 3 of each color.

  4. there does not seem to be a significant shortage of these bunnies on Ebay. Just copy and paste “walmart bunny hood plush” into the search box. I hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Odd how they’ve just shown up lately. It wasn’t that long ago that I searched for them, and I only found the white ones. Hopefully, this will be one mailing list we can close out. Thanks for the search tips.


  6. #12736

    They are popping up all over Ebay now since Easter is just around the corner.

    The Teddy Bear Shelter

  7. They are selling one that is very close if not the same one at CVS or walgreens I cant remember which one cause we went to both yesterday. if you have one in your town you might check it out my sister pointed it out to me when we were walking out of the store and I swear it looked identical to the picture you provided. Hope this might help to find your sweet babys lovie.

  8. POST CODE #12736

    I have the aqua bunny with hood “my first easter” on chest. Let me know if you still have anyone looking.

  9. POST CODE #12736

    ebay #160566744478 blue/aqua
    Ebay #360370159184 blue
    ebay #360358867835 blue/aqua
    Ebay #360358867850 pink
    Ebay #380335856863 pink
    ebay #390166720389 white/multi color dots
    ebay #300573000732 blue/aqua
    ebay #330590292233 blue/aqua

    Others available tried to list the lower price ones. Good luck.

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