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FOUND – 2008 GUND? PINK Seated PIG with FORKED HOOVES — 10 Comments

  1. Post code #14371,

    I tryed to match up the pictures as best I could this looks like your picture above it just doesn’t have the bow around its neck. Price seems reasonable If it is the right one it doesn’t say how long it is but you could ask the seller. Hope this helps

    BABY GUND LITTLE PINK PIG 58458 OINKS NEW NO TAGS number: 360238974339

  2. Post code #14371,

    Oh sorry by the way it’s on Ebay.
    Item number: 360238974339

  3. did it originally come with a bow or ribbon. If so, please explain what ribbon looked like.

  4. I bought this Gund pig today at a sale because of your ad. It says Hamlet TM Pink 30081 on the tag. The pig is light pink, the inside of the ears and the snout are a bit darker pink, the hooves are a very light tan. The length from nose to butt is 11 & 1/2 in. tail 4 in. long. Does this sound like the one you lost? It does not look like the one listed on e-bay.

  5. Yes more info on the ribbon around its neck might help. Certain toys have certain style ribbons. It sorta reminds me of a Mary Meyer plush(does it have bean bag stuffing? Is it floppy?)

    Or a Preferred Plush Toy if it isnt Gund.

    Here is a Mary Meyer Pig

    eBay 300348498553

  6. I have a pink pig, similar, but not Gund-

    Kids Preferred- 2005; no ribbon and “beanies” in feet and “butt” Curly tail seems to have elastic in it so it is springy- Let me know what you think-

  7. Thanks everybody for looking for our lost pig, #14371. We have since learned that the pig was a special order Gund for a region grocery store. The customer service searched through their inventory and then contacted Gund on our behalf, Gund then searched their inventory and samples to no avail. However they did send their current version of the pig “Hamlet” and our daughter has taken to this pig like an old friend. Here’s a picture: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31051112&l=9dc22c1fd7&id=1444811856

  8. Post code: 14371
    I’m not sure if this is the pig that you were missing (it oinks, that wasn’t mentioned in your post, and it doesn’t have a ribbon), but I just listed a 10″ Gund Petunia Pig that looks very similar to your picture on Ebay. It is item #360373845276

  9. Thanks everyone for looking. It turns out our pig was a special order Gund through a regional grocery store, Wegmans. The store actual checked their inventory and then asked Gund to check theirs. Gund checked their inventory and checked in their special order bin where they keep a few of the stuffed animals. Unfortunately they didn’t find the pig. They did send the current version of Hamm to the store to send to us, no charge. We also bought a second Hamm on ebay just in case.

    We are very impressed with the customer service at Gund and our local Wegmans store. They are not your average grocer.

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