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FOUND – Carter’s Just One Year BLUE DOG with BLUE SPOTS with RED STITCHING — 22 Comments

  1. thank you soooo much Brenda!!!!!! Liam LOVES BOW WOW and I’m thrilled to have a back up just in case. A Happy Ending.


  2. Thanks Renee – fingers crossed (a bit of a bidding war going on ๐Ÿ™ ). Hope you get him!

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    Ours is named Zapata and he was lost at Ikea today. Anyone know of anywhere I can get one? I’m willing to spend some $$ if it means my 2 yr old can sleep better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We are also looking for one of these. Our son’s daycare provider lost the back up. We just discovered yesterday that Chief has been missing for almost 4 months! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    we have ours in hand now, i’ll keep looking for you lucas and renie too. i wish you the best of luck! renie- did you try to a reward poster with the dog picture to circular among the ikea staff?


  6. Renee,

    Thanks for the heads up. I just got the email from Rosemary as well. We just bought that one! What a relief! Thanks again!

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    We are looking for this puppy as well…..if anyone has any ideas or finds one, please post on here! Thanks so much!! Elisa

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    Ebay Item 290436780714

    Sorry, I had posted this in an earlier posting, should have put it here!

  9. Thanks, Marie. When I get information about any of the mailing list items I send it to all of them, so putting it on one is enough.

  10. Please help – we need another one of these dogs too!! We lost him today at the mall and my two year old has been crying for his “ralphy” dog ๐Ÿ™ I am a month late on all of these auctions (just found this website tonight – what a great idea!), so any new tips would be really appreciated!!

  11. Hi Diane, Here he is but people are bidding on it Ebay Item Number 390201376339. Auction finishes in 1 day 10 hours so I hope you read this in time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Diane, I have an extra one. it is missing its tushie tag. And it smells like cigarette smoke (I haven’t bothered to send him through washing machine yet)

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    I am looking for this same dog as well and I am DESPERATE!! My son LOVES this dog. Please let me know if you still have the dog and if it is still available. Thanks!!

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    Just One Year Blue Puppy Dog w/Spots

    There are several on eBay right now!

    eBay Item #250819378473

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