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  1. try ebay under amy coe blanket. i found several when i was looking for a certain blankie for my son.Hope you find it

  2. Wow Jennifer, thanks for post!

    This is the one that we’ve been looking for

    Thanks again


  3. Holy COW! This is my ganky! I have had this blanket for going on 27 years now. Had it since I went home from the hospital. It used to have satin around the edges but it fell off because I rubbed it between my fingers. I have never heard/seen of anyone else having this blanket! Same waffle design and everything!!!!! The company who made this blanket probably went out of business because they made such a durable blanket, nobody ever had to buy another.

  4. Nope looked at amy coe blankets and its not it.

    Thanks for the idea though 🙂

    We recieved the blanket that we bought and it’s really close… just not the same quality.

    So back to lookin!

  5. POST CODE #15756

    My daughter (and I) have this same blankey, mine was a baby morgan which sell for nearly $100 on e-bay. I have found this one for my daughter, hers is the sage green and this is exactly like it. And it’s a two for just in case.

    I know that it is still available, I actually just purchased them today for back-ups for my daughter. Go to to http://www.JcPenney.com and in the search put ” 2-Pack Thermal Blanket in 4 Colors “. I just tried this, and it pulls only this one up. Hope this helps!

  6. I have a yellow blanket as well. I found a blue one on ebay. I could not find a yellow one. I have been searching for years for yellow. MY best friend growing up had a white one. We both still have them.

  7. I know this post is older but does anyone know where I can find the yellow blanket posted at the top?

    Thank you!
    Post Code #15756

  8. The blanket is a “Baby Gordon” thermal blanket! My brother and I both had them, born in the early 80’s! Only can find them on eBay now I think.
    Post Code #15756

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