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Searching – Carter’s Child of Mine THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE BOYS BLUE DOG BLANKIE — 21 Comments

  1. Hello. Here is one on ebay willing to take offers or you can buy for $22. It is worth a shot to offer what you are willing to pay. Good Luck!

    Listing # 150439217168

  2. Hi,
    $22 is a GOOD Deal for this blanket. It is a pretty hard to find lovey. One just sold for $35 yesterday.

    Just to be Fair the price does not only reflect what a person paid for it, but the rarity and how scarce the item is. I am quite sure my mom did not pay $500 bucks for my barbie in the 60’s, but that’s what it’s going for today. I have also seen 80’s He-Man, TMX Elmos, etc go sky high!

    The market reflects the price. I know the economy is tough, but sellers have to make a living too. Ebay & Paypal fees eat our lunch!
    No profit = No Sellers = No Ebay:(

  3. I also like to tell people to keep checking Ebay daily. If you’re patient you will surely be able to grab one at a price that you’re willing to pay.

    I get the sticker shock emails daily and that is sometimes the only advise I have to offer HTH ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aimee you are quite right.
    That is the best way to tell them. The way auctions are going these days what you start it at – just may be what it ends at! Sad but true.

    I too get the sticker shock, but I tend to feel many folks expect to get things for next to nothing or dirt cheap on Ebay these days. I think people forget that this is a job for many and we have to make a profit to survive.

  5. ebay Item number: 120564650370
    Item number: 310217922839
    Item number: 290431872583

    Here are some cheaper ones. Good Luck.

  6. Hi Brian. Another option is to watch ecrater. They are a great ebay alternative. Being there are no listing fees or final value fees (just a minimal paypal or google check out fee) Sellers are willing to price there items for less and you can get some great deals.

    Right now the puppy blanket you are looking for is not on there but like ebay it could show up on there at anytime.

    Best Wishes!

  7. Have you found one yet for a decent price, Brian??

    I’m right there with you! My 10 month old lost his lovey like this (which he had had since birth) at the mall two weeks ago. He doesn’t care so much, he has a replacement bear lovey now…as long as he has SOMETHING to hold onto when he’s sleepy, he’s fine. It just breaks my heart though and I’d like another! lol. I have come across several on Ebay but they get bumped up to the $40 range and I refuse to pay that when I paid $8.99 for it less than a year ago. I realize it is discontinued and rare now, but still.

  8. Post Code #15763

    I believe that we have one of these blankets at home. If you are still looking for one, I would be happy to check for you.

  9. Ebay new without tags #390331503798 5 available
    Buy it now $12.99.

    POST CODE #15763

  10. POST CODE #15763

    Ebay #150636986232 10 available new without tags.
    $16. Item location China shipping included.

  11. Thanks, Carrie. I sent it to the list but I’d be leary with a price that low coming from there. We’ve had a few bad experiences with China “buyers”.

  12. POST CODE #15763
    I would too which is why I was up front in the post but if “desparate” enough figure they can make there own choice. The five earlier ones are in the us already.

  13. POST CODE #15763

    ebay # 260852495656
    ebay # 130568386003
    ebay # 250884646152
    ebay # 180672557951
    ebay # 270815780644
    ebay # 180638716265 make offer
    ebay # 260839906953

    Let us know if any one is successful in their search. Good luck!

  14. POST CODE #15763

    ebay #360453006875
    ebay #130687056595
    ebay #170829638137
    ebay #180868196281
    ebay #400280263968
    ebay #200720463613
    ebay #251029077971
    ebay #290696657141
    ebay #230772118415 2 available
    Other higher priced options also available.
    Best Wishes to all.

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