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FOUND – 1978 Sears WINNIE the POOH BEAR Top Priority — 16 Comments

  1. I think this is your boy here – Ebay Auction No. 160407099693. Best of luck to your friend. 🙂

  2. Hi! I found a Gund Sears Plush Winnie the Pooh and listed it on Ebay. My name is a*blessed*child

    The item number is:140409999820

  3. Thank you for responding! Yes I am still looking for the pooh bear! I will check out the eBay listings!
    Thank you!!!


  4. i am so very sorry i have the sears pooh that is sitting down 🙁 again i am so sorry

  5. I found one of these at a thrift store and bought it for $.25. I had remembered seeing your post. That’s why I picked it up.If you are still looking for one, it’s yours. Send me an email and I can send you pics. This one is identical but it does not have a red vest. Let me know if you want it.jamiijackson@yahoo.com

  6. POST CODE #15777
    If any one is still looking?
    Ebay # 200584779231 no vest in photo but priced right and has make offer option.

  7. post code 15777,

    I’m not sure if your still searching for this. But I have one. Mint condition. It is still in the plastic bag, never played with or used. It has been in storage since 1978. It does have the vest everything. Let me know if your interested.

  8. If you are still looking for one- MAYBE I have one coming in the mail- I can send you pics if you email me.

  9. I do have 2 Winnie the Poohs one with a stiff red shirt- the other has the Sears tag on, but his red mouth is missing- looks like might have been red cloth glued on?

    Each one has different eyes, nose, etc….

    I know these posts are pretty old, but if you are still looking for them- let Rosemary know…

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