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Searching – 2002 Target CHOSUN Large PINK DUCK PLATYPUS with ORANGE Sweater Knit BEAK & FEET — 25 Comments

  1. This seller has two of these. Different company name but looks and sounds like that same thing. Hope that it helps.

    ebay item number 110506686921

  2. The fur on the one you found from R2 Design is not the same as this one, but we have other people looking for the R2 Design one, so you were very helpful! Thanks, Leanne!!

  3. #15787 Thank you that is the same duck but I need a pink one. I tried to dye a cream and the dye didn’t take, so I do have one that is whitest pink so I am still looking for the pink one.

    Thank you,


  4. Post code #15787 — ebay listing – #360311555642 is a pink duck, similar but may be darker pink.

    Also saw on ebay #110449396446, #400104845485 & #110543306337 — yellow’s.

    You may also want to advertise as a “item wanted” on your local Craigs list. Good Luck!

  5. Thank you so much for checking. You are so kind. I didn’t get the expensive duck because it is way out of my price range. I am still looking for the pink chosun duck, the ones above or close but not quite. We had a pink duck that Rosemary found in a bunch of animals but it got lost and our white one got thrown up on by the dog. I am surprised that Chosun hasn’t reinstated these popular ducks.

  6. On ebay – (White 14″ $49.99 270607436885) (White 17″ $99.96 270635441827) (White 14″ $25.00 290439808470) and (Lemon 13″ $39.95 120593151300). There are also some smaller ones but no pink at present. ๐Ÿ™ It may help in your search that these are usually called DUCKS but sometimes PLATYPUS and even GOOSE! Best of luck in your search.

  7. I just bought the whghite Chgosun Duck on ebay after it was reduced to $36.66. It isn’t pink but a good choice to buy it now and I will continue to look for a pink one.

    thank you all and especially Rosemary, for your help, Carol

  8. …i was waiting for that white one to go on sale. originally they wanted $120 (because of that white duck the dog threw up on that YOU bought for $75 on August 6th, yes i remember it was my birthday)…but i hope she enjoys her duck!
    glad you have another for your granddaughter to love, i do have a pink one but am not willing to sell it for a price you would be willing to pay…sorry. i am terrified it will be lost, washed and destroyed. ya’ll are on lost/destroyed duck # FOUR !

    however if you want to sell the throw up duck for like $5 my dog would like it as a toy…
    sigh. what a waste of love and money.

    guess we will always be duck hunting rivals!
    happy hunting.

  9. I remember you, of course. I’m glad that you got a duck. We got the duck beautifully cleaned and my grand-daughter loves it so this will be a back-up. If you want to trade the pink for this white, I would be happy to do so. Lauren is a careful child, but does love her duck and it wasn’t that she wasn’t taking care of it, the dog’s tiny.. We are not competitors. Actually I saved your email address and continued to look for you.

  10. Dear Veil,

    I remember you well, but couldn’t find your email address. I remember that you live in Orlando and your boyfriend said you would have trouble taking your animals through security at the airport. I am so surprised that neither Target nor Chosun has re-instated this duck despite our best efforts. I will either look for a duck for you or send you this one, as it hasn’t arrived here yet, and Lauren’s has been cleaned.


  11. Dearest Carol,
    I am sorry if I came off rude in any way, that was not my intention, I don’t even know why I wrote, I guess I was in shock you were again looking for the elusive pink duck due to another tragedy…(i thought maybe someone else snatched it up of ebay)
    I don’t think that I can part with my pink quacker”Rella” as she was very, very pricey after the whole ebay price raise. Once one sells for that much, it shows up to the other sellers that it could be worth that much…(and it was to me). My lovely boyfriend actually footed the bill for more than $100 so I could get my duckie for my birthday—the following year. The best things you have to wait for in life!

    I will continue to duck hunt, as these are some really special little guys…and i didn’t mean to suggest this is a competition (rival was the wrong word to use) we are a team of Ducky Lovers ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If everybody loved these ducks as much as some of us do we could start a business without Chosun. They released this version for two years, and every year thereafter they came out with a newer version that just wasn’t the same…

    I will keep my sharp eye out and do my searches and we will find a new nice and fluffy pick duck for your granddaughter soon, maybe for christmas- who knows? But my guess is they would show up closer to Easter. I’ll let you know here…

    Please don’t wash, dye or anything to the new duck. The soft fur and newness is one of the best parts of loving the duck.

    (did you read about the yellow one that got chewy by the doggie? on this site, i cried!)

  12. (PINK no pick duck ๐Ÿ™‚
    and P.S. I think someone from girl scout camp maybe took duckie because they wanted one because it was loved so much. hopefully the lost duckie is being loved somewhere…and relationships with new duckies are wonderful, even if children don’t like the adjustment! (from old to new)

  13. I don’t mind loved toys looking loved and a bit scraggly. Children tend to drag loved things around and put them at risk. That makes Rosemary’s work all the more important and charitable. I can also respect someone wanting lovies to be in good shape.



  14. Thank you for the kind words about our efforts, Carol. I do appreciate it. We consider Plush Memories to be our Christian Ministry.

  15. Thank you. You are so good to continue looking. I don’t think that this is the same duck. Thank you.

  16. Hello, I have another white one if anyone needs it. I haven’t been able to find a pink one yet, but I will keep looking! -Tonya (blazesgrandmama)

  17. That’s not it, Carrie. The one you found is more a chenille fur, while this one is very silky and soft fur. Plus that one has velour beak and feet. This sweater beak version is extremely hard to find.

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