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Searching – 90’s? NEON GREEN Floppy Lying Down CAT? BEAR with PINK & YELLOW MUZZLE, EARS & FEET — 64 Comments

  1. Cary, the only Popples I’ve ever seen have a pouch the lower body will fit into. Yvette didn’t say anything about that, but hopefully she will comment and answer you.

  2. Question, what material is he made out of. Kind of looks like a wild Puffalump without its clothes on. But then again the pic is grainy.

  3. I think what makes me the saddest is that I know somewhere in the world someone has this bear sitting in their attic or in a box in their garage and they probably don’t even want it.

  4. I have a question. Is that a tail behind its legs, under your hand? If so, Are you sure this wasn’t a kitty cat instead of a bear?

    Just want to make sure as we all help you search!

    Best Wishes!

  5. The photo above of Cubby is a better one I recently found, I’m hoping now that you can get a better look at him, he will be recognized by someone.

  6. We are trying. Do you remember the size or a guess? I am thinking skill crane prize in the early to mid 90’s? There were several popular fillers back such as Cloud9 and Nanco. Know there were others but they don’t come to me just now.

  7. I have often wondered that too… But he was such a good quality toy. I don’t remember much about the claw machine toy’s quality back then. He was pretty big too. And very soft.

  8. There is a similar bear on ebay right now:
    I think with some alterations he can look like your bear if you have crafty skills.

    (postcode 15886)

  9. I am still searching for my Cubby. Thank you to the last person who posted, but actually that bear was nothing like the one I am searching for.

  10. I give myself a headache searching and searching online and in thrift stores for my sweet Cubby ๐Ÿ™

  11. Maybe he was a GOFFA INTL bear? Here is one on ebay in neon pink that has some similarities to your Cubby Item No. 330687162454. Perhaps you could ID him from that because if we had the brand obviously things become much easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

    POST CODE #15886

  12. I have thought of GOFFA before… But I don’t know. It seems like most GOFFA stuff is cheaply made, like what you would find in a claw machine… Cubby was a quality bear. It is possible though.

  13. I have to agree with Susan on this one. A Teddy Bear does not have pointy ears and all the tails on teddy bears are round.
    It may be why this is not being found. Many times children will call it something when its not.
    Just in case, try looking under Kitty Cat….
    I will help too.
    It can’t hurt..

  14. I have this same bear. It is on my bed right now. I’m 21 and I still sleep with it. I don’t even care how lame that sounds.

  15. Matt! That’s awesome! Does he have a tag?? A brand, and year would be amazingly helpful! Can’t wait to see new pics posted!!! If you can please e-mail them to me as well!

  16. Still hunting all the thrift stores.. I’m willing to pay the big bucks for him.

  17. Since my last post, I had one person respond to an ad on craigslist saying he had this bear in a box… He was just messing with me ๐Ÿ™ I fear I will never find him.

  18. POST CODE #15886

    I wasn’t positive, but since his tail was a bit long, I didn’t know if it might be a possibility. Oh say, BTW, do you remember how big he was?

  19. I would say he was around 18-20 inches long. He was quite large. I was about 9 years old in the photo above where Im holding him.

  20. POST CODE #15886

    Thanks,I appreciate this. Some stuffed animal brands from the ’90s that might be possibilities for Cubby’s maker are Commonwealth, Ganz, Manhattan Toy, , North American Bear Company, Mary Meyer, and Fiesta. I hope this is helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. POST CODE #15886

    Oh, BTW, a couple of others that I forgot that also might be possibilities are Chrisha, Boyds, A&A, and TB Trading Co. I hope this is helpful.

  22. That does look VERY VERY similar to my Cubby!! I’ve beeb trying to research stuffins but I can’t find much. The year is about right on that bear too.

  23. I actually have this exact bear. I saw your post when I was trying to see if I can find another one for my daughter. She is extremely attached to it. A friend that I was best friends with in the 90s gave this to me when I had my first daughter in 2000. My youngest daughter is now super attached to it and calls it Princess Peach lol. We recently found out she is severely allergic to dust mites and had to get rid of a huge amount of stuffed animals but of course no way would she let us get rid of her Princess Peach. So we put her in the dryer to kill off the dust mite, well I think hubby put it in too long and too hot and it singed parts of her fur :'( she has been crying for hours! It was in perfect condition before that. :'( so I was trying and hoping I can find another one. I checked for a tag and could not find one. No brand either. ๐Ÿ™

  24. I’m so jealous that you have one, singed or not. I still disagree that it’s a cat. Could you send me some photos of yours?
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  25. I’m sorry, just saw this post. I just sent pics to your email, please let me know if you got them!
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  26. If you look at the top of your page, I guess they started a page for me. The original pictures I sent ended up on the page they started for me. Click my name that is located at the top paragraph of your page, you will see the pics.
    Post Code #15886

  27. I, too, have this bear. Sadly its tag has been worn away to years of love, but I do know this: his name is Lime. He was part of at least a series of three: there was Lime the Bear, Lemon the Dog, and Strawberry the Raccoon. My brother and I got Lime and Lemon from Costco when we were small, probably around 1995. The bear and dog were VERY similar other than ear shape and tail.

    Lemon actually looks a LOT like this, only I don’t remember the pink spot on the back and I think his ears were black: https://plushmemories.com/23283/searching-goffa-lying-down-neon-yellow-green-hot-pink-dog.html

    Construction wise, they were both very soft, the only hard parts being their eyes. My brother was more rough with Lemon and I remember under the fur it appeared to have that soft plastic lattice used for latch-hook work.

    I have been searching for a replacement Lemon the Dog for my brother for years, so I am hoping if enough bits of the puzzle come together we can all find what we are looking for.
    Post Code #15886

  28. Well say Chris, if I may ask please, how similar did Lemon look to the Goffa dog? I ask because I wonder if there might have been a possibility that he might have been made by Goffa.

    BTW, If I may please also ask, Jessica, did Princess Peach have a tag?
    Post Code #15886

  29. Druman, I have seen that orange panda listed on ebay before, and unfortunately the tag had no year. That being said, I was NOT 11 years old when I received this bear, and therefore it couldn’t have been made in 1995. I was much younger.
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  30. I recently purchased a rabbit that is definitely from the same line of toys that Cubby was. It is a STUFFINS and was made in 1990. Still on the hunt.
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  31. I just bought a Stuffins bear too and ill give you an update if I can find anything about it or a website of some sorts about it
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  32. My brother has this green cat, I have the yellow dog, and my two sisters have the pink rabbit and the orange bear. My youngest sister has been searching for the purple? raccoon for forever as she was the only one who doesn’t have one of these adorable animals. We all love the animals very much. (Mine was packed away due to moving and I found him tonight, and was searching to see what I can find online to try and get her the raccoon.) It is a Stuffins as my dog’s tag has just enough outline of the S to see that it is the brand name, but no more information on the tag. We’re looking for the raccoon if anyone has any information on it.
    Post Code #15886

  33. I was looking closely at that raccoon last night, and is possibly a ‘descendent,’ but none of the ones we have have their names on their feet.
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  34. Hi Yvette,

    I’m thinking of the Gund Tutti Frutti range or Vintage Ty Pillow pets; both of which come in teddy’s, cats and various other animals with similar pose and bright colours as Cub cub – just haven’t seen him yet! Just putting it out there as food for thought!
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  35. Hi Yvette, I have the bear! Great condition too.

    It’s made by Stuffins Inc. (Indonesia) during the early 90s.

    Post Code #15886

  36. This is the third time I have had someone contact me stating they had this bear only to not respond again. Please stop scamming people! It is cruel ๐Ÿ™
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  37. Hi, Yvette did you ever find the bear. I had one which I loved. It help me heal when needed. It was a very calming bear But I lost him in a fire and I would love to find another. It would be amazing if I could. If you could give me any information I would really appreciate it.

    Sincerely Kristen
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  38. I have lost my seal and it is gray and black harbor seal and I wonder if somebody has seen him??????
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  39. I have this guy!! I named him Sherbert and he is DEF all bear. Not kitten or anything else. My mother got him from Costco for me when I was 6 or so, so about 1990-1. He was there for me in Foster Homes, road trips and just all around comfort. And I still have him on my bed to this day. The tag is badly worn and ripped, so I can’t get you his brand. But since Costco had him, I’d start there, maybe? Best of luck!
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  40. I have the dog also I had gotten him in late 1989 as a gift I still have him today him name is chance. He is neon yellow with one black ear and one orange and a black nose green tail… his front ? are orange and his back ? lime green. These stuff animals use to glow in the dark which is why he was given to me.. I had night terrors. I’m not sure what brand he is from but look up the sellers that sold to Sam’s Club and Costco at that time period. If you ever want to see a picture he is on my Facebook or I could send you one. He’s lasted me over twenty years and my daughter now sleeps with him. Good luck in finding your buddy I know how much it means I would hate it if I ever lost him.
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