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DISCONTINUED But STILL Searching – Carter’s Just One Year WHITE RABBIT with BROWN EARS & FEET — 16 Comments

  1. Hi there! our daughter loves this bunny and thankfully hasnt lost hers. We are however, looking for a replacement just in case and had no idea how hard this bunny is to replace. We bought it from target when i was pregnant 2 years ago. But if by chance we come across one I will keep you in mind! Good luck. I know how much my little girl loves that dirty thing and wont sleep without it either!!

  2. Hi Laurie,

    I’ve added you to the mailing list for this rabbit. And thank you for offering to watch out for it for other people who are looking for it.

  3. I too am looking for a replacement bunny because there are only so many times to be able to wash one bunny before it starts to fall apart….please do let me know ASAP where i can find another bunny!

  4. It as been awhile but is case someone is still looking this bunny is on eBay again with a low starting bid….


  5. Post Code 16494 This is currently listed on Ebay. Item # 190499413465 This listing ends on Sunday, February 13, 2011. Last I checked, it had a low starting price. I hope this helps someone.

  6. Sorry, Brieanna. I was gone yesterday and didn’t get this in time. That’s why I ask each Seeker to Subscribe to their comments.

  7. I’ve also been searching for this rabbit for months and just came across this website. How fantastic. If anyone has any information regarding this bunny, I would love to know!

    Thank you!


  8. i am currently looking for this replacement bunny for my son. he has fallin in love with it and wants to take it every where we go. any help would be appreciated. thank you 😀

  9. Please add me to this mailing list. My daughter loves this bunny and would be devastated if she lost it so we need a back up!

  10. I bought two of these on e-Bay two years ago and thought I was getting ripped off because they were $29.00 each. Now that they are almost 4 times as much, there’s no doubt that I’m getting ripped off. This is an example of supply and demand capitalism at it’s worst. The only justification for selling a white stuffed bunny with brown ears is to make a killing. The memory of my granddaughter’s lost bunny will fade with time and some anguish, but you can bet that my family and I will never buy another Carter product. No doubt, it’s made in China and I would be shocked if it costs over a dollar to manufacture.

  11. My daughter just lost her bunny (this one) on our trip to california and is very sad… i am desparately looking for another one. Ebay has one but it is 82$$!!! Can’t do that. If anybody has any info on where I can get one that would be great!
    Post code #16494

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