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Searching – Carter’s Just One Year BRUNETTE MY FIRST DOLL with CLOTH PIGTAILS — 17 Comments

  1. re: post code 16670. I just saw her on ebay, the brunnette doll. I can’t tell in the picture what her pigtails are made of. I think it’s the right one. The ebay item number is 250673936339. I hope it’s her, good luck!!

  2. Hi Renee, Susan, and Naomi,

    I’ve just notified the mailing list for this doll. Thank you so much for helping with the search. I apologize that it took me so long to forward your information. I’ve been having problems with my email program lately, but I think it’s fixed now.

    Thanks again for you help!!


  3. Thank you everyone for your help! We were able to purchase one of the blonde dolls. Surprisingly enough though, my daughter will still only sleep with her original brunette doll. Still looking for a brunette one. If anyone has any leads on a brunette one please let me know. Thank you again for everyone’s help. I truly appreciate it!

  4. Hello,
    I just happened to find your search because my 22 month daughter is the EXACT SAME WAY with her “Baby.” The only thing is…she is attached to the blonde….
    I just purchased the brunette for $50 tonight and was still searching as we had a “scare” today thinking we lost “Baby” forever while we were doing our errands.
    I will gladly trade with you.
    I hope this works out!!!

  5. Hello! I am looking for this same doll (brunette). Nicole, if you still have it and want to get rid of yours, let me know! And if anyone else has found this doll, I would appreciate it!!!


  6. We lost our blonde one tonight and my daughter will not sleep without it!!! I see we are not hte only ones with this problem. Does anyone know where i can get one other than $50 on ebay??

    Thanks for the help:)

  7. I found and bought a blonde last year! I still have the brunette if anyone is interested. please email me at nicoleflannery70@yahoo. I purchased it a long time ago hoping my daughtered would accept her as a replacement for blonde baby. no such luck!

  8. My daughter just list her brunette baby doll, this exact one! All I can find on ebay are the blonde ones. Can anyone help?
    Post Code #16670

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