FOUND – 1986 Commonwealth JUMBO LOVE XL ORANGE & WHITE MONKEY — 9 Comments

  1. POST CODE #16894

    Hi hope I’m not repeating what someone else has already said (listing says you have 1 comment but I can’t read it!) Anyway, this monkey is on EBAY but I’m sorry to say it is $400.00US! For anyone still interested the Item no. is 290465035784. 🙂

  2. I let them know, Brenda. That unseen comment is a Pingback. I’ve left it the way it is, so our programmer can find the bug in our code that’s not letting Pingbacks show.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  3. I am so excited to tell you that someone is going to be traveling back to NY.. I imagine that Monkey aka Alekie will have a lot to say about his travels and I am super excited to have my old buddy back. Thank you for all of your help and troubles.

  4. So jealous! Happy for you though. I have been looking for this monkey for the last 5 years…even posted on this website for help.

    If another monkey is found please let me know!

  5. POST CODE #16894

    Appears Jenn “Found” her monkey. If the mailing list hasn’t been told.

    ebay #150779287605 buy now or best offer.

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