FOUND – Carter’s Just One Year CREAM HORSE with PINK POLKA DOT SADDLE & FEET — 13 Comments

  1. Hi there, Thought you might be interested – this one is in expired listings on EBAY 130323984669. It is very close but not exactly the same. If they still have it I am sure the seller will relist for you if you ask. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Leann. I’m surprised at the high price, though. Usually we have a long mailing list when the prices are in this range, but we only have 2 people asking for help finding this one.

  3. We had a “nearly lost” experience with this precious pony and are currently looking for a backup. I can’t believe the $100 pricetag on the above mentioned ebay listing. That’s heartless.

  4. Hi All,

    I too am looking for this pony. I saw the one on ebay for $100 and am in shock. My daughter loves this pony but, for that price it’s just insanity. I sure hope it was a mistake in the posting as I can not imagine who would pay that price.

  5. Hi Sami,

    I’ve added you to the mailing list for this pony. We see lovies in this price range at times, so that in itself is not surprising. I, too, was surprised to see this high a price on this pony, though.

    But our mailing list for this one is growing almost daily. So there must be a good bit of demand for it. That is, after all, what drives the price on items.

    Good luck on finding a less expensive one.

  6. Thanks, Kathleen. I’ve sent the link to the mailing list. It will be interesting to see what the bidding goes to, considering the price of the last BIN.

  7. POST CODE #16917

    under or near $25
    ebay #380434757404
    ebay #261010404894
    ebay #160802628092 2 available

    others prices vary

    ebay #160803394659
    ebay #350433587279
    ebay #120866229101
    ebay #360424341044
    ebay #270825747449 new with tags

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