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Searching – Large 1982 Applause LITTLE BEGGAR DOG — 15 Comments

  1. POST CODE #17196

    ebay # 160577891109 make offer
    ebay # 220829449351 in UK ships world wide make offer

  2. I found a few, too:

    ebay#380464330850 cat(missing the bib)

    ebay#200807012990 cat

    ebay#320952839087 dog

    ebay#160843183003 dog

    ebay#360460146788 cat

    ebay#160680381806 dog

    ebay#310282966996 cat(Valentine’s Day exclusive!)

    ebay#380285657090 cat(missing the bib)

  3. Thanks, Kathy. It’s a small mailing list, so this list should mean this search can be discontinued. We’ll see if anyone replies saying they still need one.

  4. Oh say, I was curious if anyone might be looking for the Little Beggar bear, because I found a few on ebay, and I’d be happy to post the links here.

  5. Thanks, I appreciate you telling me this; if, in the future anyone does ask for the bear, I’ll be happy to help.

    POST CODE #17196

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