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FOUND – 2009 Carter’s SMALL BLUE & BROWN Seated DOG — 6 Comments

  1. There is a brand new one on ebay right now. See #150535188701

    39.99 or best offer.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Re: 17902 on e-bay. Thanks for the tip! Interestingly this one never came up on my initial e-Bay search because I was searching “Carter’s” instead of “Carters” (no apostrophe). It’s quite a bit more expensive than I was expecting. I called my nephew’s mom and she too thought it was more than she would spend, but I haven’t found it elsewhere either. There’s a close version of it on e-Bay as well but the colors are slightly different, yet the texture/fabric is the same which is important in this case. I’ll put in my best offer in on the e-Bay one you alerted me to. I appreciate your assistance!

  3. I actually searched carter puppy dog and it came up (with a ton of wrong ones too). You never know how someone will list their item on eBay. Like that one..who would have guessed it is from Carters Smiley happy friends line? Most people do not have the original tag so, listing it like that is pointless. Saying Blue and Brown Puppy Dog would have been more helpful. This is a common occurrence on eBay though….just keep that in mind when you are searching. Also, some of the best deals found on eBay are items that are spelled wrong because they get missed when searching.

    Sorry it did not work out for you. We will just keep looking too. Have a good night!

  4. Post Code #17902

    Thanks! This is a very close one, but just slightly different in ear fabric and overall color. If all else fails, it would be a good “second best”. I appreciate your help!

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