FOUND – Carter’s Just One Year BLOND CLOTH PIGTAIL MY FIRST DOLL — 37 Comments

  1. Please!! I need help also!! I need to find another one of these dolls for my daughter. She is 2 now and this “dolly” goes everywhere with her. Her current one is getting pretty worn and she needs a new one!

  2. Help! I also need this same dolly as she is my 2 year old’s best friend. Our “Dolly” is looking very worn and we have tried to replace her with look alikes, but it isn’t “Dolly!” We need a blonde dolly exactly like the one the others are looking for. Thank you for helping us find a new “Dolly!”

  3. Help! Need this doll too! Daughter takes “baby” everywhere and dog just ate pigtail!

  4. Did you find one? I also need to find one as my 2 year old carries “dolly” everywhere and won’t sleep without her. I live in constant fear of losing dolly.

  5. I have this blonde doll. She is in perfect condition and from a smoke-free home. Please contact me if you are still looking for her.


  6. My 2 year old had one an dit got lost. A blonde pigtail with dots. She usually does not go to sleep without it.

  7. She got her when she was two to three months old from her Uncle Kenny. She has had her ever since. We named the doll “Betsy” and she goes to sleep with it about every night. We need to find her because “Betsy” is like her security blanket.

  8. Does anyone know where I can find one of these dolls? My two year old just lost hers Saturday evening and like so many others have posted, it went everywhere with her. I found one on eBay but it was $60 and I would also like to stay under the $35 mark as well. Any help would be appreciated!!

  9. Carrie – I have a blonde one I was going to put on ebay for $40. I can send it to you for $30+ shipping (about $35 total). Let me know if you’re interested. It’s from a clean, non-smoking home.


  10. POST CODE #18025

    Under $30.00
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    ebay #160803395065 blond
    ebay #230792798682 brunette
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