1. Hi Kelly,

    This bunny is VERY hard to find and when you do, it’s well over $100 lately.

    Have you tried the bunny currently at Target by Carter’s? It’s white but it has pink accents instead of brown. Here’s a link to one on ebay, but it should still be at Target.


    Good luck with your search!

    POST CODE #18659

  2. Hello Brianna.

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. Unfortunately I’ve tried a replacement bunny similar to the one with the pink ears by Carter’s without success. I’m also keeping an eye on Ebay but have not seen “bunny” yet. Again, many thanks for your time and ideas.

    POST CODE #18659

  3. Hi Brieanna. I did submit an offer for the bunny, thank you. It was quite low so I’m sure it won’t be accepted but I don’t have the $$ they are asking for. Again, so many thanks for your posts.

  4. POST CODE #18659

    Another Ebay listing April 28, 2011
    They’re asking $99.99

    Item #160580226019

  5. Hi Elizabeth.

    Thanks so much. I think it is but the price point is a little too high. I’m keeping an eye it though. Again, so many thanks.

    ~ Kelly

    POST CODE #18659

  6. Thanks, Elizabeth. This is the right one, and I’ve sent it to the mailing list. I know the price is too high for many, as Kelly said.

    IF someone in a disaster area needs one most sellers would cut the price if you write them first. Obviously it would require a shipping address to a tornado or flood zone to qualify.

  7. This ebay one was mentioned before but they are now taking best offers. Worth another look?

    See # 220774675096

    It is Brand New

  8. POST CODE #18659
    Ebay #160631006013 Wish it were cheaper but going rates. Bid start at $85 or buy for $100.

  9. POST CODE #18659

    Hope someone can benefit!
    ebay #160656527768 4 hours to close still reasonable in comparison.

  10. Ugh! We were gone yesterday, and by the time I caught up with emails it was sold. Somebody got a very good price for it!

    Thanks for your efforts, Carrie!!!

  11. POST CODE #18659
    Knew it was a long shot but hoped somebody from the mailing list as well as the person in the post might be watching. Somebody is very happy today!

  12. Thank you all sooooo much! I finally got one! He is missing his mouth but that is OK! Thank you all for all of your help and I’ll be sure to check back often to see if I can help someone else find their missing lovie!

    ~ Kelly

    POST CODE #18659

  13. Hopefully you have found your bunny by now, but just saw this post and saw this on ebay:


    Post Code #

  14. I have this bunny and am looking to sell it. Price is 39.99 plus shipping. Please contact me if interested. Bunny is brand new.

    Post Code #18659

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