FOUND But Still Searching – TAN MONKEY BLANKIE with STRIPE HEM, SATIN LINING — 24 Comments

  1. It’s a Messages from the heart by Sandra Magsamen blanket. There are better pictures of a closed / sold one on eBay, item 160574301789. Unfortunately it doesnt look like there are any available right now.

  2. I’ve sent the link to Nicole. If Nicole confirms that this is the correct one I’ll change the information and add the photo. Thanks so much, Jamie!!

  3. We are also looking for the same Monkey! I have been looking since Oct 10… Can’t find them anywhere!

  4. Thanks, Leanne. I contacted them both, in case this is the right one, although neither said anything about writing on it, and I couldn’t tell from the photo.

  5. I believe i have this. The one i have. It came from JC Penny and is messages from the heart brand. Mine does have embroidered writing on the blanket that says Lets Monkey Around. It is in perfect condition as my son never became attached to it.

  6. Just wanted to say thank you for everyone looking for mister wubbie. We had a hard month and going through a divorce but when we were cleaning we found the best thing and we found mister wubbie in a suitcase.

  7. I have been looking for the same blanket for my three year old, her dad bought her this monkey blanket for her fist x-mas, and she was only 7month old, and she fell in love with it, and i have been looking for another one for over a year now, she dose not go anywere with out it, and if she dose she cry’s. so if any one could please help me that would be great.

  8. I can’t believe we have the same predicament. I have twin boys and one of them has Mr. Monkey and he loves him. It’s wearing out from washing so much, my other boy has Mr. Frogy. Ineed these blankets also. Please if you find them let me know where. I saw one on e-bay for $56.00 that’s a little too much. HELP.

  9. POST CODE #18672
    New without tags Ebay #120754241078. Price is right but item location is China with worldwide shipping included. Appear to have multiples as 7 show sold in history.

    Other two in US are still $60.00.

  10. my sons exact same blanket is about to fall apart and i cant find one anywhere and he will not fall asleep without it whatsoever…

  11. My son has this monkey too it is his favorit thing I have been looking for a backup for years. Its so sad I literally have nightmares that his “monkey monks” gets lost . Would love help finding a new one.

  12. POST CODE #18672

    There are six on ebay at the moment.
    ebay #111101258302
    ebay #370819725131
    ebay #380613894311
    ebay #251283748652
    ebay #261231448245
    ebay #310692785663

  13. I am also searching for this frantically! My 15-month-old is so attached to hers. Please let me know if anyone sees one available.
    Post Code #18672

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