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Searching – Walmart PASTEL GREEN Lying Down RABBIT <i>Top Priority</i> — 5 Comments

  1. Hello. There are a few on ebay that look pretty close in different colors but I have not found green yet. Here are the ones I found right now, but I will keep looking.

    cream/yellow one on ebay
    See #350446151522

    See #230617435820

    see #390308287338

    Hope this helps. Best Wishes!

  2. Hi, Here is the green one on Ebay: 260779595631 I hope this is the one! -Tonya

  3. Searched Walmart Bunny rabbit- on eBay-
    check out- Pink ones, 220830712394, 380360100898, 230655426182
    cream 35044615122
    white/ pink ears 230439052939

    Good luck-

  4. I have the bunny! I have a pink(magenta) one and a green one. You can have them both, just in case the green one gets lost again. I had it in all my easter egg hunt stuff. We just moved so I was looking in it. Send me your address and I will ship them to you 🙂

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