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Searching – Wishes & Kisses MOMMY RUFFS YOU BLUE DOG BLANKIE — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you! This must be new I have been looking every day! I don’t think he can read (yet LOl) so I am going to buy it and hope for the best!

  2. I got it and the bottom of it is not silk like the one he has already and he knows it…so that was $30 wasted HA HA.

  3. Thanks, its blue just like the top, I did not think he would notice, picky picky picky!! I don’t think she will take it back I took the tag off. Its not a big deal.

  4. I have been looking for one of these as a buckup for our son as well any help out there thanks

  5. We have a back up but I am still open to getting one more, if it is out of his sight he freaks out and he goes to his dads on the weekends now and if it gets left there we are back down to one and I am in trouble!

  6. This seller has 3 New with tags for only 19.99

    See ebay #220880450794

    You may want to get an extra 🙂

    Best Wishes!

  7. Thanks for this, but believe it or not its not the same and he knows it! The rattle is differernt and there is no silk on it….I paid $40 for this one and he hates it LOL

  8. POST CODE #18832
    These two appear to be older version. Good luck!
    ebay #290732819962
    ebay #290721795011

  9. YES those two are it, am I crazy for considering buying both? Has to wait for next weeks paycheck, but I will buy both!! Thank you so much!

  10. Hi, Sandra

    My son is very attracted to one blanket it’s light green with white Pokey dots it came with a light tan bear…..Please help me find one we can’t go nowhere without that blanket. He cries the whole time am washing it.

    Post Code #18832

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