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Searching – 80’s PINK & WHITE Terry RABBIT with UPRIGHT EARS – RATTLE in HEAD — 8 Comments

  1. POST CODE #18974

    This bunny is on ebay Item #300560733672


    It sounds like what you are describing ~ I sure hope so! She’s very plump with blue eyes & pink nose.

  2. Do you know what brand it was? We have a lot of plush loveys in our ebay store~ kidstoys4u if you dont’ see him there, and know the brand, I can try and find him for you. I have many searchers!

  3. POST CODE #18974

    I don’t know any brands, whenever the tags were still intact, I was still in diapers lol.

    The bunny in the ebay listing isn’t the right one, sadly. The face looks pretty close, but the ears are too short, the fabrics are different, and my bunny was seated.

    I’m so very grateful for everyone’s help with this. This bunny means so much to me!

  4. ebay Item number: 160551250640 . I know not the same, but does the head look the same?

  5. POST CODE #18974

    Yes and no, Tami. The ears look to be about the same, and the face is VERY similar, but there was no stitching on my bunny’s face, and her eyes weren’t depressed. I *think* hers was on the sides of her head. If you were to do a mashup of the two ebay bunnies’ heads, it’d be an almost perfect match. In fact, I think I’ll hop on GIMP and try to put the two together as best as I can so you can see about what her face/head/ears looked like

  6. Well… that didn’t work at all! Basically, just take the eyes/nose from the first ebay bunny, erase the seams on the second, and paste the face on, and that’s an almost perfect representation of my bunny’s face/head. Minus the color differences in the face, of course.

  7. POST CODE #18974

    I know it is the wrong color but style wise is this similar?

    Ebay #330586431740

  8. so it’s been a few years, and i haven’t really stopped looking for this rabbit. i DID find, however, the absolute closest version to my rabbit that i’ve seen yet. it’s ebay #121511737126 and if the whole body (minus the bottom of the feet) were a pastel pink terry, and the ears a smidge shorter and more upright with the same pink terry inside, and the nose was an embroidered triangle and not a V, then this would be my rabbit. typing it out seems like a lot of differences, but the overall shape of the rabbit, the seated position, and the shape of the arms and head are just as i remember my rabbit being. the size may be too large (i’m honestly not sure! i’m guessing it was 6″-8″, probably closer to 6″). maybe finding THIS rabbit could help to find mine?
    Post Code #18974

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