FOUND – TY Classics? CREAM, WHITE, BROWN Floppy WOOF DOG — 10 Comments

  1. Hi.

    Is this a pic of the toy or a pic of a similar looking one? I only ask because the description is throwing me off. I don’t see the white spots on the puppy.

    This is the only Ty Woof I found.



    POST CODE #19207

  2. You have to look very closely, but around the eyes and muzzle it’s definitely white, but there’s a very light tan in between. I’m assuming from Mark’s description that the rest of the dog is that off white color. It’s NOT the tan one you found, although why TY would use the same name again is beyond me.

  3. Okay, I see the white now. I have a question about the sewn in tag. Do you remember if it was a skinny heart tag or a fat heart tag? I was looking at the Classics pups and none of them really resemble the Woof in the pic. I was thinking maybe this is a Pluffie or a Baby Ty and those have the wider tags.

    I am also wondering if this could be a completely different brand puppy. To me, he looks a lot like an Animal Alley dog from Toys R Us.

    POST CODE #19207

  4. POST CODE #19207

    Could this be similar? I do not see the white patches but could be the photo.

    ebay # 290630549529 Noukie’s FLOPPY DOG Puppy Pup Baby Plush 13″ long RARE

  5. I will order the one on ebay and see if it is – at the end of day my daughter Scarlett is the only person who can confirm or not!

  6. disaster – the US ebay seller will not ship to the UK. So near and yet so far! ebay # 290630549529 Noukie’s FLOPPY DOG Puppy Pup Baby Plush 13″ long . Anyone see one similar please email me at mark_lawrence@troweprice.com. thank you thank you .

  7. I am so sorry the last option did not work for you. Do not know if this one is similar enough or not. Appears to have a thicker fur.
    Ebay #Noukie’s 11″L TAN PUPPY DOG Plush Beige Floppy Ears #I3 This one will ship to you. Best of luck.

  8. carrie (and brienna) thank you from London for all your help. Scarlett is now reunited with her toy dog she lost age 5 and now has him for Xmas aged 7. She is over the moon. thank you all

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