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Searching – 80’s Gund MULTI-COLOR PASTEL CLOWN DOLL — 6 Comments

  1. POST CODE #19843

    This appears to be the clown or a very similar version. If you are still looking hope this helps. Let us know.

    ebay # 330679739953 8″ 1983 Gund VTG Terrycloth Orange White Blue Clown Baby Soft Toy

  2. I’m looking for the same thing… I had this when I was little n it was passed down between me, 2 cousins, my sister, my son n daughter and now my niece n nephew… We lost it the other day at the court house n r devastated!!! We put ads on Craigslist n in the newspaper the Baltimore Sun with no luck… This comment is in regards to POST CODE #19843… Hope we can both find another 🙁


    Post Code #

  3. eBay item number 172101045570 1983 GUND Terry-Thums Clown, it’s orange instead of pink
    Post Code #

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