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Searching – 2007 Blankets Beyond PINK & WHITE RABBIT BLANKIE — 5 Comments

  1. Re post code #19967 — I see several pink & white bunnies made by Blankets and Beyond on eBay, but don’t see any w/ a yellow bow. Some of the pictures aren’t the best quality, so it’s hard for me to tell. Possibly, one of them is what you’re looking for. I know you mentioned that you tried searching eBay, but people are always adding new items…maybe your bunny is on there. I’ll also keep looking!

  2. I am so sorry that you and your family are going thru this. Prayers for your daughter from our family.
    Know that Blankets and Beyond also carry a puppy blanket that looks like a bunny. Usually a pink and white face. Try search for puppy or dog too. Some people list the bunny as dog and viceversa.
    ebay Item number: 310315545956

  3. I have a Blankets and Beyond Bunny and Bear in my Ebay stash. I will get them up this week and see if it is what the poster is looking for.

  4. My B&B Bunny Rabbit Nunu is now listed on Ebay. It is new with tags. It is all pink with NO white. It has a pink bow.

    The item # is:130566570266

    My Ebay id is:a*blessed*child

    I hope this helps you. I have a best offer on it the item also

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