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FOUND – Vintage KOREA United Feature Syndicate SNOOPY Without PATCH on TUSH <i>Top Priority</i> — 17 Comments

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    Oh, my goodness…what a moving story. As soon as I read it, I started looking for vintage Snoopys on Ebay, but all of the ones I looked at have the plastic “Snoopy” patch on the tush…but otherwise, they look the same as the one pictured.

    Just wondering – might it be possible that the original Snoopy lost his plastic tush button long ago?

  2. She answered,”We’ve looked it over and cannot find any signs of a previous tag. I guess it would depend on how it was affixed. The other Snoopy was only had subtle differences like shape of his hands and the nose appears to be proportionally larger. ”

    I didn’t see any sign of a missing tag, either, when I looked it over, but as many times as it’s been washed and as old as it is – it’s hard to know.

  3. Hi there, I have 2 Snoopys on my website but im not at home until late this weekend to check the backs of them(the tags and all) but you can take a look at the ones I have.


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    Here’s this Snoopy – he may not have the plastic badge in his tush, but it’s hard to tell.

    Ebay item #400265264578

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    I can’t tell from your picture if this is a soft or firm snoopy. I think I have the next size smaller Snoopy from around the same era – he looks similar, but he measures between 10-11 inches, and his tag is a different size than yours, right below the neck. Mine does not have a tush patch, is not labeled “Applause” & looks to be less floppy, with little blocky paws that turn in from the wrist. He stills has his frayed red neck ribbon on. Look at ebay auction 330657459403 to see one just like mine with the squared paws, that someone is selling for an outrageously high price. They use the term “hard body” because its body is not squishy like most new plushies, but nor is it hard like shell filling, it’s just firm like an old ragdoll (probably because these Snoopys were meant to wear outfits.) I remember there were multiple sizes of the same dog and I’m pretty sure the “Applause” branded versions came out a few years after mine. The eBay item you mention says theirs is vintage 1968, but the tag on mine says 1968 as well and I know for a fact I purchased mine new in 1976. The 1968 is the copyright date (which means the plush sellers on ebay hawking them as vintage 60’s may be overpricing theirs if it matters). My tag says: ©1968 UNITED FEATURE SYNDICATE, INC. PRODUCT OF KOREA REG. NOS. PA219-CA16113 ALL NEW MATERIALS CONTENT:KAPOK SHREDDED CLIPPINGS. The cleaning tag is unfaded and says: SURFACE WASHABLE USE A FOAM TYPE CLEANER AS FOR UPHOLSTERY. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER.
    If the boy has a soft squishy Snoopy, then you can probably squeeze its stomach until the finger you have on its belly can feel the finger you have on its back. I can’t do that with mine, it just squeezes in an inch stopped by the compacted fabric stuffing. If the way the Snoopy feels is important to the boy make sure you find out how the one you are buying feels or what it is stuffed with – many of the vintage ones like mine will not be squishy or floppy, even though they look Exactly the same in a photo. If a smaller firmer one will work for you, then contact me back before you pay those high prices 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the useful information, Jen. Not sure when she’ll have time to reply, but I can tell you the one she needs is firmly stuffed. I’ve held it. The tag was on the tush, however, not the neck, if I remember correctly.

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    Hi there,
    I am back to check the details, the Snoopy that I have tush tag that you have shown in the photo, the side matches mine identically. Although it does not say Applause on it anywhere. There is also NOT a plastic tag on his rump. The only difference in mine is the size, mine is about 19″ tall. Some other details to help, this snoopy has stictched black eyes (some have plastic). If you have any other questions feel free to ask and visit my site. He is at this link…..


  8. Thank you everybody for looking for Wyatt’s Snoopy. We are currently waiting for one to come in the mail to see how well he matches. Once we receive him, we’ll know if we need to continue the search.

    Wyatt rubs his fur during his naps and at night to soothe himself, but I also believe he will need to be the same size because of the way he holds him.

    Thank you again!

  9. i know the one she is talking about. i have had mine since i was a baby and it went through my 9 year old and now my two year old. they are rare. i am looking for one bc i think my music will stop playing soon. i am still on the hunt if you need one let me know and i will let yo know if i have found one.

  10. Michelle the one they need does NOT have music, but could certainly be the same Snoopy without it. So please keep that in mind as you search for yours. Thanks for commenting!

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    I am currently trying to sell my Snoopy! He is about 18” tall and is United Feature syndicate 1968! and made in korea. He is in GREAT condition!!! if you are interested please email me and I can send you pics.

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