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FOUND – Greenbriar Cuddly Cousins LONG WHITE BEAR with GOLD NOSE & BOW — 12 Comments

  1. Could this be a Greenbrier bear?

    Not the same coloring but I am hoping this is the same type as Ratbear.


    POST CODE #21209

  2. Brieanna,

    Thank you so very much for your response. Gosh, that bear looks exactly like ratbear only a different color. You have absolutely put me on the right track to finding a white one. Thank you thank you….Wendy

  3. Here is a Cuddly Cousins bear from Greenbrier. He looks like your Ratbear.


    POST CODE #21209

  4. Brieanna,

    You found him!!! So awesome…we cannot thank you enough. I looked and looked after you came so close the first time, and could not find a white one. However, you did it! I am ordering the cuddly cousins bear. My three year old is going to be so happy…I just have to antique the new bear. Thank you so much…really. I am so grateful to you.

    It has been so tough for DJ to lose his ratbear. He ask about him almost everyday, and doesn’t understand how he’s gone. This is a wonderful service, and your help is so tremendously appreciated. So entirely grateful to you!!

    Big hugs,

    Wendy and DJ

  5. You’re very welcome. I’m glad he is a match. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Greenbrier products are sold at Dollar Tree. If you have one near you, check them occasionally for more Ratbears. Never hurts to have a few backups.


  6. Hello, I have bear that I believe you were looking for, if you need another for backup. It is listed on E-Bay item #300659535146. These seem to be quite hard to find. I just happened to see this one and thought he was pretty. I just saw you listing for your ratbear. Best Regards, Judy

  7. Thanks so much Judy! You are right indeed; these bears are hard to find. Thank you for the backup find. I do need to get another one. My son is so happy to have his Ratbear back. Thanks to all for the help. Warmly, Wendy

  8. OMG! I am looking for the same bear, just the nose is red and the bow is red, same long legs and arms. It was given to my daughter and was also purchased at the dollar tree a couple years ago. She carries her “BearBear” everywhere but he is starting to look like a zombie. I have since looked consistently at numerous dollar tree stores and no luck. Thank you in advance.

  9. I know there was another post about the look alike with red instead of gold. Please check out ebay!! Good luck. DJ is so happy and sleeping again with his ratbear. We are so blessed to have found this site. Take care of bearbear!! Wendy

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