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  1. I have the same bear – I’ve had him since 1994 when I got him for my first birthday, his name’s Gladly, and he’s been with me nearly every day ever since.
    They’re wonderful – good luck with your search!

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    I do not have one, but i used to have this bear. I lost it many many years ago and have been searching for the name of it ever since. I didn’t know the brand or the name. You have seriously lightened my heart and I cant believe I actually found someone else that had one!! Thank you so very much for posting this. I hope we can find another. 🙂

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    Hi, I was just cleaning out my childhood toys and found I have the blue magic glow bear in near perfect condition (I kept it in a box). I was planning on selling it soon with many of my other vintage toys on ebay (glo worm, baby alive, magic nursery doll, my little pony, etc).

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    Ooh,here’s another:


    Oh say, BTW, I was curious if you were still looking for the bunny too, because I found two on ebay:



  5. Omg finally I have found him! I was given one of these when I was born up until I was 15 by than he was faded but I still loved him and took him everywhere until my Nan’s house burnt down and left me with nothing. Please share where I can find another one? I have been looking for a long time because my mother thought he was a care bear. I live in australia and desperately need to find one! 🙂

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    ebay #261216404418 blue bear
    ebay #190829155065 blue bear
    ebay #380591874507 purple rabbit

  7. I’m looking for one also I had one as a child and absolutely loved him!! Anyone else know where I can find one please and thank you!!!
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  8. I have been searching for one ever since i was young i still miss my i lost him in a moved when i was 13 and i miss him so much and want to find one for my daughter who is 2 months old i want her to have such a special teddy like i did
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  9. I am looking for the magic glow friends purple and white dog if anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thank you
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  10. I have the dog… I named her Glowy as well hahaha… She hang left my side since I was 5 years old… She is in horrible condition these days, but I still love her… I’d love to find the bear for my daughter… I’ll be keeping an eye out
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  11. I’ve spent this evening searching for this blue and white magic glow bear. My dad brought me one when I was 7. I would love to find one of these…and would greatly appreciate anyone’s help in finding one. I loved mine so much and I know my daughter would find the comfort that I did from mine if she could have one…
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    Dear Amanda,
    I just read your post out loud to my dad and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.
    He bought me my “Glowy” for Christmas when I was 6 in 1992 he is my most cherished toy to this day. He is one toy I have never really put away as I don’t have the heart to. We used to put him up to the light and watch him glow in the dark he was my best friend 🙂
    I now too have a 8 month old son and am desperately searching for a Gloey for him too.
    The post made me smile thank you so much for sharing! I hope you found the last one for your third child x
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  13. Hi I am looking for this bear as I had one when I was little too but sadly lost it when I was adopted. It was the only thing I had from my birth parents. Please please if anyone comes across or can keep an eye out for one for me I would be so grateful!
    A dream come true mine was called glowy.
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