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FOUND but Still Searching – 1993 Fisher Price Need 2! CHOCOLATE RUMPLE BEARS <i>Top Priority</i> — 12 Comments

  1. There’s a bit of a bidding war going on – Ebay Item No. 150810341552 – maybe you’ve already seen it?

    POST CODE #22411

  2. Hello,
    Yes I’m bidding on that one, thankyou.
    And a special thanks to Cindy – who has found 1 bear and is so kindly and generously posting it to me free of charge. Its times like these that restore your faith in Humanity. Heading into Day 5 and its the familiar little things that are the hardest to lose.
    Thank you again

  3. Thankyou to you and your Wonderful community. I now have 2 bears on their way. One donated by Cindy and the one from ebay that Brenda found. The girls are thrilled.
    Thank you all again.

  4. I’m tellin everyone I know about you here and I certainly will drop back and keep my eyes open for others. Its the very least I can do.

  5. Thank you for your update Lisa. We are so happy you have found replacements. Wishing you much happiness for the furture.

  6. I am also looking for a chocolate brown rumple bear. Is there any way you could help.

  7. Hi Lisa,
    I found your site while searching for my Rumple – so glad you finally managed to track down 2 bears. They are such lovely toys. I have twins who love them as well (boy/girl)and unfortunately my daughter lost hers (seems like it fell off the edge of the planet). They were inseparable and I was just wondering during your search if you may have come across the lavendar kitty cat. I would be greatful for any information. I am located in Australia. many thanks Toni

  8. Thankyou so much for your help – I have found and await the much anticipated arrival of a long lost friend. xx

  9. POST CODE #22411

    Oh say, I was curious if anyone else might be looking for the various Rumple Bears too, because I found a number of them in various colors:

    ebay#370699593151 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#281030168651 lot of four:chocolate brown bear, cinnamon brown bear, yellow bear w/blue nose, and pink rumple bunny

    ebay#200853483399 cinnamon brown

    ebay#130808237924 cinnamon brown

    ebay#321024138470 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#390497765344 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#181025503778 yellow bear w/blue nose and blue rumple puppy

    ebay#400340473124 cinnamon brown

    ebay#330826025504 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#390494495896 chocolate brown

    ebay#121013922826 chocolate brown

    ebay#290805418247 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#120999210059 chocolate brown

    ebay#150918849445 chocolate brown

    ebay#360493265232 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#370636933444 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#350563860502 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#330724660955 yellow bear w/blue nose, blue puppy and pink bunny

    ebay#360384164802 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#380278485474 yellow w/blue nose

    ebay#260502919223 yellow w/blue nose

    And I found an extra cinnamon brown bear on this site:


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