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FOUND – 2005 Boyd’s Baby Small LIGHT BROWN & WHITE Floppy Lanky BEAR — 9 Comments

  1. POST CODE #22473
    Well, I’m mourning all over again for Brown bear. The eBay seller just sent me an email stating that the bear was not in her inventory. I wondered why I hadn’t received it yet.
    I had a big plan to take pictures and post them on Face Book and tell all my friends about y’all and have my daughter earn money by helping me around the house to donate to you. I’m just feeling despondent. Please help us keep looking!

  2. 22473

    This bear looks similar ebay item 251085906892

    Although it has a tuft of hair on its head.

  3. No luck, the one on eBay was larger and it’s face was different.
    Thank you for your help looking on eBay!!!
    We aren’t giving up:-)

  4. POST CODE #22473
    Thank you to the sweet ladies that helped locate our bear. The eBay seller that posted it couldn’t find it in her inventory when I ordered it in May. So we kept on praying….two weeks ago she emailed md and said she found it!
    We have it and are so happy!! It is the exact bear!
    Of course, it’s lacking the well aged look and is fluffier but that won’t last long:-)
    Just want you all to know how were an instrument of the Lord as he showed my daughter that he hears and responds to prayers!!

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