DISCONTINUED – DanDee YELLOW ORANGE Googly Eyed SINGING DUCK with GOGGLES & TOWEL <i>Top Priority</i> — 17 Comments

  1. FANTASTIC!! Shipping is high, but maybe they can get it for a good total price. At least now we know it is a DanDee. Thanks, Tara!!

  2. I am putting my bid in! Thank you soooo much! I will let you know how the auction goes!!

  3. Not sure if you got that one Christine but there is this one too?

  4. I want to thank you all so much for your help!!! The duck has been found and I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival to see the look on the grandbaby’s face!!! Thanks to all of you who are gracious enough to spend your time helping others!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

  5. Our duck never arrived…so we are still looking! Not sure if there was a miscommunication or what, but lost the emails that were exchanged and am just now finding this to let you know! We are still very much still wanting the duck!!

  6. 052212-01

    Here’s another singing Dan Dee duck…it looks different and has green goggles, but it also dances and sings the same song…

    Item # 310406856922

  7. #052212-01 = Post Code

    I have this exact one (but with purple goggles like the picture shown above, not blue as you are looking for). I was saving it for if I had another baby since it really helped me get my toddlers attention in the tub and not cry through the entire experience. Anyway my ‘toddler’ is 5 now so I think id rather give it to someone that desires it so much. Lemme know. Michelle

  8. Michelle,

    I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! My granddaughter’s birthday is coming soon and it would be the best present i could give her!! She still asks about the duck!If you can send me an email with your address we can figure out how to get all this arranged! Thank you sooo much!


  9. Hey Christine,

    Good to hear it would make her so happy. I”m in Nashville, what about you? My addy is dixie911@hotmail.com. The only thing that I would ask is that you pay shipping. You can maybe mail me a SASE large enough for me to put it in there? Sorry, i have been without a job for over 2 years now and every penny counts for me. ;-D

  10. Since I haven’t heard from you in the past week I”m guessing you have found it somewhere else. Hope she enjoys opening it for her bday! ;-D

  11. POST CODE #052212-01
    This one is on ebay if you are up for trying again. Hope one of these works out for you!

    ebay #390460498653

  12. Thanks, Kathy! Since several have been found recently, with no response from Christine – I’ll discontinue the search if we don’t hear from her that she’s still looking.

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