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Searching – 80’s Playskool SNUZZLES BLANKIES BLUE LAMB <i>Top Priority</i> — 11 Comments

  1. Hi!
    I have one which was my first cuddly toy. I have been given it when I was a newborn child. It has been purchased in France, I guess around 1991.
    Mine is old and has been fixed and sewed many times. I am also looking for a new one, but am not able to find anything…

    Good luck for your quest!

  2. I really really want a toy the same as blanky, my daughter is having her first child and her Banky is thread bear x I can’t find any at all x
    Post Code #23107

  3. Sorry forgot to say even some of the same fabric I’m happy to do repairs x
    Post Code #23107

  4. I am looking for this toy as well. My best friend passed down his snuzzle to his son and it was dramatically left at a gas station recently. Poor little guy is torn! HELP!
    Post Code #23107

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