Searching – Small Brown Dog with Dark Brown Sticking Out Ears Top Priority

Small Brown Dog with Dark Brown Sticking Out Ears I’m looking for a small light brown dog about 6 inches high. He has little darker brown ears that stick straight out; he sits up with his legs straight out; and has eyes and a nose embroidered out of thread. Pup Pup has no tags, no brand name, and nothing to identify him. We believe (but are not sure) that he was a gift from an animal shelter after a family member made a donation.

Our withdrawn and shy son, now 4, became immediately attached to him. It was through Pup that our boy started to talk– Pup gave him a voice. He often uses his pup to help him communicate with friends, teachers and the world. That is why his loss is so distressing– our son has lost his means of communicating with the world.

If only we knew what to call him– if there had been a “Gund” tag or a “beanie baby” tag or something like that– we could do a better search, but unfortunately, there is nothing. All we have is this picture, and our hope that God will lead us to another one.

We are grateful for your help, and in awe of what your organization does for other children.



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Posted Nov 18, 2012


Searching – Small Brown Dog with Dark Brown Sticking Out Ears Top Priority — 3 Comments

  1. POST CODE #24256

    Well say, I was curious, was he stuffed with stuffing and beans(like a beanie or just stuffing?

  2. Post Code #24256

    Good news, everyone! I had a feeling I have a puppy just like that one somewhere (albeit like-new) and I just ran across him today! :) I’d be happy to send it to Diana and her family. :)

  3. Thank you so much! Fortunately our story had a happy ending and we found our Pup Pup after a sad long month, so you needn’t go through the trouble of mailing. But thank you!
    Post Code #24256

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