Searching – PINK 80s Playskool JAMMIE PIES RABBIT DOLL

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80′s Playskool JAMMIE PIES PINK RABBIT DOLLI’m looking for an 80′s Playskool Jammie Pies doll. It was the pink one with the bunny ears.

I am looking for a Playskool Jammie Pies doll. I had one that I was given by my Nana for my 1st birthday back in 1988 & from that day she went everywhere with me & I slept with her nightly…well into my teen years. Years of love, travel & playtime really wore my Jammie Pies doll & she no longer has a face. The paint wore off & she is falling apart. My Nana passed away & my husband & I are now trying to have a child of our own. I want so much to have a Jammie Pies doll to pass onto my someday child. I cherished my Jammie Pies doll & loved her so much. Now she reminds me of my Nana & the love she had for me. I would love to find an affordable Jammie Pies doll for when God blesses us with a baby.



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Posted Jan 18, 2013


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  2. I just saw the Jammie Pie you are looking for on eBay. I think you can just buy it without bidding but it is over one hundred dollars to buy it. It is so cute, I wish you luck in both starting your family with a baby as well as finding the Jammie Pie your wanting.
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  3. I am also looking for the Pink Jammie Pie. My daughter had 1 when she was little now she has a daughter of her own and would like to find 1 for her. Thanks, Donna
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