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Searching – <s>RUSS? 70’s WINSTON & DOOBIE Beige DOGS</s> and 80s Standing WHITE LAMB — 22 Comments

  1. 013009-1 We need to know when you grew up. what decade or year did you get them. What size were the animals. What they were made of. thanks

  2. I grew up in the 80’s, so the dogs were from the late 70s when they were given to my mum, and the lamb is from 1983-86 or so. They were a soft cloth with no length to the fur, really; the lamb was of a nappy white woven cloth.

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    The lamb, is it standing on 4 feet or sitting position? What is approximate height or length? Any hooves or not? If yes, what color are they? Winston and Doobie could possibly be Russ Berrie from late 70s. This company likes to name their stuffed animals on their silk tags. Take a look at this 70s Puff Puff, does the font and type of tag similar to yours? eBay: 220300284072.

  4. Thanks for all the help! I think they were Russ, come to think of it, especially as the tag was like that. As for the Lamb, she was standing, with no hooves, and she was about 20cm long. Blessings, and thanks!

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    Is this Winston?
    Vintage Russ Winston 1977 stuffed Puppy Dog Large Face
    ebay #400238414059
    Would at least give a picture of one if right dog.

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    ebay # 160546959529 vintage 80’s Russ lamb

    Honestly do not think this is the lamb but may be similar and we can get a working picture to help identify Lammie.

  7. No, the legs were long and stiff, and were the torso not ever so slightly tilted she could easily stand.

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    You’re welcome on the dogs. Sorry I didn’t have better luck with the lamb. Will keep it in mind as time goes on.

  9. I just bought both of them! I cannot wait more, and it makes a perfect, albeit two days early, birthday gift for myself! I cannot thank you enough for returning such wonderful memories to me; I had to explain to my office mates why I had to wipe my eyes this morning and I hope to do the same when each arrives! God bless you, especially on this wonderful Feast!

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    Glad we could help! I think you waited plenty long enough. May you have many more misty eyed good mornings! Happy Birthday!

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    Could this be similar? Vintage Wooly Lamb Custom Stuffed Toy NY.

    ebay #150550074208

  12. I saw that one; mine had closer cropped hair and the eyes were glass buds. No tongue was visible and the legs were thin but stiff.

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    Oh say, I was curious, BTW, if your lamb might have played music, because I found some similar looking musical lambs on ebay.

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