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Searching – Blue Sad Eyed Elephant with Tusks <i>Top Priority</i> — 6 Comments

  1. I think it looks a lot like this Russ Berrie Zanibar Elephant. I bet it comes in other sizes and blue but right now I am just seeing the small gray version. I hope this helps in searching and it turns up soon. Best Wishes!



  2. Amazon has these listed as Zanzibar, but it does not have a color to the tip of the trunk. It may well be that the one that Chris is looking for is a Russ, though.

  3. I have this elephant and would be delighted to reunite Benny with Mary free of charge. Please contact me with an address and I will send Benny on his way right away.
    Thank you!
    Post Code #25112

  4. Post code # 25112


    Mary is going to be so excited to be reunited with Benny.
    Post Code #25112

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