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2005 Cream Chenille Plush Factory Floppy DogI’m looking for Dog, who was made in 2005 by the Plush Factory in New York. They are no longer in business. He is 7-8 inches in length, with brown plastic eyes and black plastic nose. He is floppy, lying down, with pellets in feet and belly. His fur is a butter color and the material is the same all over, no changes to the pads or under ear. The tag is black and white with a factory on the front, made in China, 2005, with plastic pellets on the back of the tag. Most of the Plush factory toy listings on eBay have been in the Chicago and Wisconsin area.

We have lost a member of our family, “Dog”. Dog is Charlie’s (age 3) best friend in the whole world. Right after Halloween, Dog simply vanished. Charlie asks everyday if I have looked for him. He’s been so brave about the loss, but trusts that his Mommy will come through and find it for him. Why, you ask do we need your help? This mommy can’t bear to look into those blue eyes and tell him I have failed him. If you have some time to help me on this quest, I would really appreciate it! I’m praying for angels to bring Dog home. Thank you in advance for reading my message. Just typing it has given me a renewed hope.

Thank You and God Bless!


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  1. Thanks Jennifer, I bought another 21 in plush factory dog and it was too firm, no pellets in his feet. I really want to thank you for looking!

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